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It’s Almost Easter Weekend! = Chocolate & Gin!?

Are you perhaps traveling to the U.K. for Easter this year? If so, lucky you! A U.K. chocolatier named Slattery has teamed up with a gin distillery called Zymurgorium to create the best of both worlds Easter treat: Chocolate Easter egg filled with a bottle of Gin! There are two kinds to choose from: 1. “Realm of the Unicorn” which is “a sparkling pink gin flavoured with toasted marshmallows” or 2. “Glangingo,” which is ¬†“a pink gin flavoured with mango, passion fruit, allspice and ginger.” However, if you are staying in Ontario for the Easter weekend then why not sign up for a BartenderOne Masterclass or Workshop, where your can learn to create delicious gin cocktails and of course eat chocolate!

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Agave Field + Tequila + Hotel = Casa Cafradia’s¬†Agave Farm!

Tired of the typical all-inclusive get aways? Ready for a vacation that’s out of the norm and will be an experience of a lifetime? Then this new hotel found in “the middle of Casa Cafradia’s¬†agave farm” is your destination! You’ll stay in large barrels and have the opportunity to “tour the fields by night, harvest your very own agave and even distill your own tequila.” To help get you and your travel buddies in the cocktail shaking and tequila mood… sign up for a Breaking the Ice Workshop hosted by BartenderOne. You’ll learn the craft or bartending, the trick behind creating well-balanced cocktails aka. a Margarita! Click here to enrol and get your tequila knowledge and margarita skills ready Casa Cafradia!¬†

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What’s in Your “Lunchbox”?

As a kid didn’t you love packing your own lunch? You could throw in an array of foods that didn’t really go together but together they created the best shmorgesboard lunchbox! When it comes to alcohol, a bar in Oklahoma City called Edna’s named their signature cocktail the “Lunchbox” as it uses the same method of madness! The “Lunchbox” is comprised of Coors, Amaretto and OJ, it’s presented in a beer mug with a shot of Amaretto sitting at the bottom of the glass and topped with a splash of OJ. Read what the owner has to say about this stumbled upon creation of a cocktail!

Have you been harbouring some bizarre culinary combinations that you’d like to see come to fruition? Let BartenderOne help you release these creative ideas and enrol in a “Get into the Spirit” Workshop, where you will learn how to properly construct a well balanced cocktail and ¬†have the opportunity create a new beverage using fresh ingredients from a Mystery Box or “Lunchbox” shall I say!

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To All the Coffee Lovers…

When that lovely morning alarm starts to ring, is your first thought… It’s coffee time!? Coffee is a staple to many ¬†morning and daytime routines. Maybe you’re getting tired of that traditional cup of Joe and need to revamp that ordinary cup of drip coffee. “Cafe Agave” may be your ticket to a new coffee experience! This American company has “brought together two of the most popular things in the world together in one drink.” Spiked cold coffee beverages is their claim to fame, offering four delicious flavours including..Cafe Mocha, Espresso Shot, Salted Caramel and Vanilla Cinnamon.

Not only is coffee enjoyable to drink, it is also incredibly enjoyable to make. Have you been wondering how to pull a perfect espresso shot or create stunning latte art? BartenderOne’s Buena Barista Workshop is just the evening for you. You’re morning coffee will become even more gratifying and exciting. You’ll be jumping out of bed excited to make yourself an Americano, latte or cappuccino. Click here to sign you and your partner in crime up for a Barista Class!

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I’m Melting…I’m Melting…Into What?…

As we known ice’s composition is quite simple- ¬†frozen water, however its effect is much more complex when added to a beverage. Ice of course brings a chill to your cocktail and if used correctly can open up a spirit’s flavour profile. Consequently, if used incorrectly it can dilute a cocktail or spirit.

But what if ice has much more to offer than just its typical purpose? What if it is used as a garnish, an advertisement or a gimmick? An American company based out of Los Angelas called “West Coast Ice Provisions“, has taken ordinary ice cubes to a whole new level. With the help of robots and engeneering software, “West Coast Ice Provisions” created logos and shapes that can go on or inside ice cubes that fit your specific glassware. To learn more about ice’s effects and ways to use it properly and creatively click here…to enroll in a BartenderOne course. Next time you look into your glass, take notice of your ice and what it’s melting into or around! Cheers!


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Just a Dash of Salt Helps the Cocktail Go Down…So Well!

We all find ourselves adding salt to our daily meals in hopes of enhancing the flavours, but what about adding a sprinkle of salt into your cocktails? What does salt really do when its added to a dish or in this case a beverage? A bar called “Midnight Rambler” in Dallas, Texas explains the benefits and “magic” that occurs when saline is added to specific drinks. Options are endless when creating new cocktails and flavours. Book a seat in one of BartenderOne’s cocktail workshops or bartending classes and let your creative side run wild! Who knows, you might just create the next best flavour enhancer for a cocktail! ¬†

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What You Need for a Fantastic St. Patrick’s Day Party!

The countdown is on! St. Patrick’s day is already less than two weeks away! What are your plans? Hosting a party or event? Click here to hire a ¬†professional, talented and entertaining bartender for your St. Patty’s Day bash! What’s on your drink menu? If you’re wanting to try something new and move away from green beer.. click here to check out a list of 5 new Irish Whiskeys that are on the market. Your bartender will serve these whiskies in style and with creativity at your event!¬†

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“Sprig” Up Your Cocktails by infusing CBD! Here’s How…

Looking to spice or “sprig” up your classic cocktail? Thanks to an American company called “sprig”, this is now possible! They are the “first scientifically made, low dose THC beverage, in California”. This company is now leading the market for cannabis infused drinks. To learn more about “sprig”, and how to order, so you can start shaking up some CBD cocktails click here. Need some cocktail ¬†inspiration? Here’s a link to a tasty Spritz Cocktail recipe. Learn the craft of bartending here and “sprig” some life into your cocktails!¬†

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BartenderOne helps Pilots Friend achieve a $100K investment from Dragons Den

Not just an energy drink, an all natural bittersweet beverage with NO CRASH!

Not just an energy drink, an all natural bittersweet beverage with NO CRASH!


BartenderOne Performance Bartenders were asked to help in a Dragons Den Pitch for Pilots Friend Beverages, and in unprecedented fashion, 3 of the Dragons aligned to work out a deal for 7% equity each, to help build this brand.  A big part of the pitch was the beverage presentation, use of fire, and flair technique to make an impact on the Dragons and to reinforce the quality of the Pilots Friend brand.  BartenderOne was proud to be a part of this successful pitch!


Click on the image above to see the Pilots Friend pitch on Dragons Den.  BartenderOne and its staff congratulate Pilots Friend and wish them the best of success in their future partnership!

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Toronto VS Montreal… The Challenge is ON



Toronto and Montreal have a historic tivalry… from Politics to Hockey the two largest cities in Canada are sworn adversaries, Toronto considers itself the Canadian New York while Montreal proudly boasts as the most european city in North America. Now, a new chapter for this rivalry has started. Welcome to the B1 Beat The Move Challenge the quest to find the best flair bartenders in Canada.

BartenderOne Toronto Flair Gurus, which are in good part responsible for the growing awareness about flair bartender in this Country want to push flair culture further. Every two weeks a new B1 Flair instructor will be posting a new Flair Move, flair bartenders – like our friends as our friends at BartenderOne Montreal- ¬†have those two weeks to come up with a reply, the challenge: replying with an even better move. When one of the sides can’t come up with a decent reply and increase the difficulty it will automatically lose and the other side will get the glory of being crowned as B1BeatTheMove Champion

This Challenge is open to any Flair Bartender in the World willing to demonstrate that they can beat our Flair Instructors. It’s time for the world to know that flair bartending is back and that the best flair bartenders this planet has seen come from Canada. ¬†Follow our Instagram account @BARTENDERONETO and get into the challenge using the hashtag #B1BeatTheMove

Now you know it, grab those bottles and tins and start flipping

… the glory belongs to those who grab life by the horns and a bottle by the neck.

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