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Have You Ever Had A Gincident?

Sometimes people have bad experiences with gin when they’re young, and it takes them a few years to come back to this tasty spirit.

If you’re in that boat, and want to explore the amazing diversity of gins there’s no better place than Singapore, where this bar has more gins than any other place on the planet.

If a trip to Singapore isn’t in your budget, check out some local spirit classes here >>> 

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BEWARE: Fake Alcohol That Could Kill You!

Currently in the U.K, authorities have advised everyone to be on the lookout for a brand of vodka called “Radanoff”, which is said to contain industrial strength alcohol!

For those of you wondering what this means… Industrial strength alcohol is intended mainly for cleaning and sanitization purposes, and is not safe for human consumption. Ingesting even a small amount of this form of alcohol can lead to effects as severe as blindness or even death.

The bottles of fake vodka in circulation are said to have no customs duty stamp, and invalid barcodes.

Other signs to be cautious of include caps that aren’t sealed, inconsistent fill levels, and incorrectly spelled labels.

Unfortunately fake alcohol is an issue that exists all over the world, and we encourage you to always be cautious and stay safe!

You can read more about this here >>>

In the meantime… if you’ve got some REAL alcohol on hand, click here to check out a ton of recipes you can try out at home!

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How 2018 Changed the Way We Drink

It’s no secret that with each passing year, new trends emerge and our society is always evolving. Leaders in every industry pay close attention to these shifting trends, and every industry is constantly evolving to keep up with our ever-changing needs and desires.

Now that 2018 has come to an end, let’s take a quick look at a some of the ways the alcohol industry has changed this year.

We finally realized how much plastic straws suck…(no pun intended) 

A sudden surge in media coverage surrounding the detrimental effects of single-use plastics on the environment quickly caused plastic straws to become a taboo this year. The anti-straw movement seems to be more than just a passing trend, as food and beverage industry leaders all over the world have already set deadlines to eliminate single-use plastics from their practices completely. Who knows? Maybe 2019 will be the year we decide to ditch plastic straws for good.

CBD joined the party!

The legalization of cannabis added a whole new element to the food and beverage industry. CBD oils and tinctures became a popular ingredient that bartenders and baristas could use to enhance their beverages for an entirely new consumer experience. Guests at Gracias Madre in San Francisco can now enjoy innovative new twists on classic cocktails, like the Stoney Negroni and the Rolled Fashioned. It’s safe to assume the list of ways cannabis can be incorporated into this industry will only continue to grow throughout the new year.

Mocktails are still having a moment.

The variety of non-alcoholic beverages available to consumers continued to expand this year as the demand for more exciting options for the non-drinker increased. Low ABV beverages and mocktails allow consumers to enjoy the complexity of a craft cocktail without the added effects of alcohol. Brands like Seedlip even increased their range of non-alcoholic spirits, which can enhance a mocktail with interesting flavours and aromas that can’t be found in traditional juices and syrups. With the way things are progressing, 2019 is sure to be filled with many more exciting innovations for drinkers and non-drinkers alike.


To read more about drinking trends from 2018, click here >>>

For access to hundreds of cocktail & mocktail recipes you can try in 2019, click here >>>

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Do People Drink More in the Winter?

A recent study from the University of Pittsburgh has proven that we do in fact drink more when we’re cold. Not only that, but it’s also been proven that people who live in colder places drink more alcohol than those who live in warmer places.

Researchers have noticed that there’s a correlation between temperatures + hours of sunlight, and how much alcohol people consume. This is because alcohol increases the blood flow to the skin’s surface, which helps to warm us up when we’re cold. So if you’ve ever felt that warm sensation after having a drink, now you know it’s not all in your head and there’s science to back it up.

It can be difficult living somewhere with a harsh winter climate, but at least it’s a great time to be a bartender!

Read more here >>>

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Bartenders: How to Save Your Hands from Bar Rot!

It’s safe to say that any job that requires your hands to be in contact with water and cleaning agents frequently can increase your risk of developing unpleasant skin conditions. However, people working in the food and beverage industry can be especially susceptible due to repeatedly working with acidic ingredients such as citrus and other fruit juices.

These skin conditions can range from mild to serious, but it’s important to protect your skin because all can be uncomfortable and troublesome. One of the worst-case situations known as phytophotodermatitis (or “The Margarita Burn”), occurs when overexposure to citrus juices causes the skin to develop hypersensitivity to sunlight. This can result in painful burns when the skin is exposed to the sun’s rays!

Another skin condition that you can run the risk of developing is a bacterial/fungal infection called Paronychia, A.K.A “Bar Rot”. Paronychia appears first as inflammation around the nails, but in serious cases it can lead to detachment of the entire nail and require antibiotics for treatment.

If you want to find out the best ways you can protect your skin and prevent these conditions, check out the products top-rated by Bartenders around the world here! >>>

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For the First Time Ever, Disneyland Will Serve Booze!

That’s right… for the first time in the 63 years it’s been open, you’ll be able to enjoy an alcoholic beverage in Disneyland! The park is currently developing an entirely new Star Wars themed land known as “Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge” that will be opening in 2019. And everyone knows you can’t have Star Wars land without the infamous cantina…

Guests of the park will be able to visit “Oga’s Cantina”, and enjoy out-of-this-world drinks made using exotic ingredients, “otherworldly methods”, and served in unconventional vessels, along with musical entertainment.

If you’ve ever wished you could visit the iconic Mos Eisley Cantina from the classic films, it looks like this will be your best chance! But until then… you can read more about this new development and find some at-home Star Wars inspired drink recipes here! >>>

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Could Your Drink Taste Different Depending on Where You Drink It?

Have you ever been on a vacation where you enjoyed a glass of wine so much that you decided to bring a bottle back with you, only to be disappointed that it doesn’t taste as good as you remember when you drink it at home?

If so, then you’ve experienced what scientists are calling the Provençal RosĂ© Paradox. The theory is that our brains formulate our perception of an experience with two distinct processes. The first process is recognizing what’s happening through analyzing sensory input, for example this could mean recognizing the fact that you’re drinking a glass of red wine. The second is higher-level processing that’s linked to personal concepts, expectations, past experiences, etc…

This higher-level processing causes us to associate our perceived enjoyment of a sensory experience with more than strictly sensory input. More simply put, this is what causes us to believe that in a particular moment or setting, we enjoy something more or less than we actually do once that moment or setting changes.

Gastrophysicist Professor Charles Spence is one of the pioneers behind this science, and his research explores the unique effect our environment and mood can have on our perception of taste. “We all think we can ignore the ‘everything else’—the lighting, background music, even glassware,” he says. “And yet a growing body of scientific research shows that all of these extrinsic factors influence what we taste and how much we enjoy the experience…Ultimately, we always drink somewhere, and wherever we drink, there are contextual environmental cues that can influence the experience. Our mood can change how things taste,” says Spence. “I don’t think you can ever ignore the environment.”


Want to read more details about this phenomenon and Professor Spence’s research? Click here! >>>


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Have You Tried a “Nocktail”?

Have you ever wanted to enjoy the presentation and flavour complexity of a hand-crafted cocktail, but without the effects of the alcohol? Welcome to the world of “Nocktails” or “Mocktails”.

These beverages share a sense of sophistication with their alcoholic counterparts, but lack the addition of actual liquor. Nocktail recipes typically combine various juices, syrups, fresh ingredients, sodas, and even non-alcoholic/simulated spirits to provide the consumer with a complex and diversely flavoured, non-alcoholic beverage alternative to traditional soft drinks.

Due to a growing demand specifically among Generation X and Millenial populations, the range of non-alcoholic/simulated spirits on the market is increasing. A brand called “Stryyk” has just launched 2 new zero-proof distilled spirits in the UK, Stryyk “Not Gin” and Stryyk “Not Rum”.

Stryyk claims their zero-proof spirits contain “all of the spirit, with none of the alcohol”, and both varieties also contain zero sugar, zero fat, zero carbs, and zero artificial flavours. Unique from it’s competitors in the non-alcoholic sector, Stryyk claims their spirits provide intense flavour profiles that make them a satisfying alternative to alcohol when served neat or added to a Nocktail.

You can read more about Stryyk and view a couple of Nocktail recipes they’ve crafted to pair perfectly with their zero-proof spirits here! >>> 

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Would You Try the World’s Deadliest Cocktail?

Hirezake, “The Poisonous Cocktail” 

Hirezake is an interesting cocktail that’s little known outside of Japan. Made from the infamously poisonous Fugu fish (also known as the Puffer fish or Blowfish), this risky beverage is prepared by charring dried Fugu tail on a grill and steeping it in hot sake. The ancient savoury beverage is said to be rich in umami flavour and it’s very popular in Japan during the winter months.

Although the drink is significantly less popular outside of Japan, you can order Hirezake at a small number of American restaurants that are serving it. But beware, because consuming Fugu that’s not expertly prepared can kill you!

Due to the fact that the fish contains toxins that are hundreds of times more poisonous than cyanide, chefs must obtain a special license verifying that they possess the skill required to properly clean and serve the fish. On top of that, any restaurant looking to serve Fugu fish must also obtain a license verifying it’s safe for consumption.

Are you brave enough to try this dicey Japanese delicacy? Read more! >>>

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Drinking in Public: A Recipe for Prosperity or Disaster?

Bourbon Street, New Orleans

When it comes to drinking in public, the rules haven’t always been the way they are today.
But in cities like New Orleans, Louisiana, the laws regarding drinking in public have remained very different than they currently are throughout the majority of North America.

It’s not uncommon to see someone walking down the street in New Orleans with a drink in hand, and it’s a policy most local residents hold near and dear to their hearts. Although New Orleans is perhaps the most recognized destination with an open alcohol policy, it’s not the only place where you can take your beer to-go.

A small number of other cities across the U.S. like Butte, Montana and Erie, Pennsylvania also allow open alcohol to be carried through most of the city. More and more cities are looking to get on board with the trend moving forward, in an effort to boost local economies. However, not too long ago it was actually legal to drink in public throughout most of the U.S.

It wasn’t until the 1970s that countries and cities began to outlaw public drinking due to it’s association with rowdy and disruptive behaviour. Meanwhile, this wasn’t the case in New Orleans where the 1960s saw the rise of “window hawking”, when clubs would sell alcohol in to-go cups through a window. Residents of the city claim the overall atmosphere is more open and friendly because drinking in public is allowed.

As for places like Erie, Pennsylvania, the open alcohol policy has reinvigorated the community. Businesses depend on the alcohol sales to help support the local economy, and public drinking laws are imperative to the success of local festivals and street parties that stimulate the economy during the summer by increasing Erie’s popularity as a tourist destination.

What are your thoughts on drinking alcohol in public? Would it cause too much of an increase in drunk and disorderly behaviour, or could it be a viable source of economic development? Read more>>>

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