Stretch to the Sky!

As bartenders we all have our own routines and rituals before we head into our shifts. Some maybe a little more productive than others! However, a recent article by Laura Scholz describes a must activity before heading into work and that is….STRETCHING! “This job is hard, mentally, emotionally and physically. Stretching not only prepares your body for the tasks you’re about to perform, but it also gives you a moment to take care of yourself before interacting with guests.” The article describes the why’s and how’s stretching is a fabulous prep routine before getting behind the bar. So why not try it out and stretch before your next shit!? Give your body and mind a chance to be free and become focused, not only will your body benefit but maybe your tips as well! Attend a BartenderOne Workshop and stretch with us, before starting to learn about the art of bartending and creating some delicious cocktails!!

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