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“You Make My Dreams Come True”… Pabst Blue Ribbon!

PBR is known for it’s great price tag and also has a distinctive taste enjoyed by many! What if a whiskey had those same principles? Affordable and delicious? It has been released that Pabst Blue Ribbon has done just that, from the records of Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau: “PBR is releasing its own official whiskey this summer”. It’s said to be “80-proof whiskey, will be made from 52 percent corn, 27 percent malted barley, 17 percent wheat and 4 percent rye.” Lastly, the label indicates that it was “aged for 5 seconds”, naturally creating a very light coloured whiskey. This is set to be a PBR Beer and Whiskey summer! Enhance your bartending skills and create some delicious whiskey cocktails at a BartenderOne MasterClass and host some great PBR Cocktail Parties this summer! 


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Agave Field + Tequila + Hotel = Casa Cafradia’s Agave Farm!

Tired of the typical all-inclusive get aways? Ready for a vacation that’s out of the norm and will be an experience of a lifetime? Then this new hotel found in “the middle of Casa Cafradia’s agave farm” is your destination! You’ll stay in large barrels and have the opportunity to “tour the fields by night, harvest your very own agave and even distill your own tequila.” To help get you and your travel buddies in the cocktail shaking and tequila mood… sign up for a Breaking the Ice Workshop hosted by BartenderOne. You’ll learn the craft or bartending, the trick behind creating well-balanced cocktails aka. a Margarita! Click here to enrol and get your tequila knowledge and margarita skills ready Casa Cafradia! 

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Bar Chef Finals – Winter 2011

Have you wished you could jump behind a bar with hundreds of ingredients, tastes, and ideas and be able to create the cocktail of your dreams?

On April 4th, 2011 the BartenderOne Bar Chef Finals took place at Empire Lounge in Toronto in Yorkville. As students, the mixologists had completed tasting over five hundred different spirits, bitters, liqueurs, sweeteners, types of citrus, infused foams and spirits, along with homemade syrups.

As mixologists, the students were asked to create an original cocktail from each of the 5 spirit categories. The cocktails could have been made with anything that the mixologists could think of; but were required to hold dear the traditional balanced cocktail theory. While they did have guidelines for balance, there were none for flavour profiles or presentation. Mixologists could incorporate elements that were taught in class such as: infusion, fatwashing, bruleeing, molecular mixology, spherification, custom foams, misting and much more.

As the student mixologists watched tentatively, their cocktails were tasted by three of Toronto’s top mixologists; Rob Montgomery, Gavin MacMillan and Scott McMaster. The students were were delighted to see that their hard work and development had paid off. The judges were impressed by all of the thought and effort that was incorporated into the final cocktails. The mixologists showed that they weren’t scared to test some boundaries in coming up with their very own recipes, and here are the top cocktails entered:


Strawbarb Bullets by Krissy Calkins

Strawbarb Bullets by Krissy Calkins

STRAWBARB BULLETS – By Mixologist Krissy Calkins

2/3 oz Strawberry reduction (no sugar added)
1/3 oz Rhubarb reduction (no sugar added)
1 oz Vodka
Shaken on Ice
Strain into Chocolate Cups
Float – Vanilla bean infused simple syrup on top
Served on a bed of Gram Crackers

Rainbow 1943 By Elizabeth Saad

Rainbow 1943 By Elizabeth Saad

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Evolver Bar – “It’s the MacBook of Portable Bars”

E-Bar CaseIn an era when everything needs to be done yesterday, and cost saving is a real issue, this portable bar unit solves a lot of problems for a lot of people.  When stored, it measures a tiny 7″x30″x24″, then in the blink of an eye, it assembles to a full size, fully functional bar station with ice well, speed rail, and garnish containers, with plenty of space left over for prep and glassware storage.

For a restaurant that wants to increase their sales without investing tens of thousands in renovations for a dedicated outdoor bar, it’s an ingenious solution, that fits the budget, and conveniently packs away for the winter.

For a golf course or banquet facility that wants to do a specialty cocktail station, it’s far more functional and pleasing on the eyes than serving on a banquet table with an ice bucket, and it’s portable both in storage mode and when fully assembled.

For caterers or the bartenders on the go, it weighs less than 60 lbs which means it flys on most commercial airlines, and means that your professionalism isnt compromised by lack of resources.

When I got my first one, I was impressed with it’s sturdiness and versatility, and while I was concerned with it’s longevity (as with any portable system) the fact that it’s constructed out of steel, means that it stands the test of time.


For more information on the Evolver Mobile Bar, you can check out or simply click on any of the images above.  To have a good look around it you can view a 360 degree rendering of the Evolver Bar by clicking here.

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