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Not just a Bartending School, it's real world bartender training with an attitude

Welcome to BartenderOne. You are about to learn about the most demanding and results oriented Bartending School on the market today. BartenderOne is more than just a Bartending School, it's an attitude and a confidence that is shared by our graduates.

Bartender Training is more than memorizing recipes

BartenderOne is different than other Bartending Schools in Ontario. BartenderOne is Canada's fastest growing group of bartending schools, because the MasterClass Certification program is the only program designed to deliver real world results to students who have never bartended before by offering a comprehensive list of classes, bartender programs and bar workshops to the hospitality industry. Unlike other traditional Bartending Schools, that are predominantly focussed on memorizing hundreds of recipes that bartenders simply don't make any more, BartenderOne Masterclass Certification is a reality based program designed to satisfy the needs of managers who hire bartenders today. Mixology Schools that deliver just drink recipes are only giving you a small part of what you need to know about being a bartender.

World Class Bartender Training

BartenderOne trainers came together after attending and teaching at bar schools in 14 countries across 5 continents. Focussing on the best components of many different schools while omitting the components that wasted a student's time, BartenderOne's founding members interviewed the managers who hired bartenders at over 500 nightclubs, bars, pubs, lounges, cruise ships, and banquet facilities, and built the MasterClass to provide solutions to the problems faced by managers who hire bartenders.

3 P's of Successful Bartending

The common response was that managers didn't look for people who knew hundreds of recipes, in fact, BartenderOne identified the top three things that employers looked for, and they became BartenderOne's 3 P's Personality, Punctuality, and Productivity. The Flagship Bartending and Mixology MasterClass program was built on these three core values, making MasterClass graduates the most sought after new bartenders today. The Bartending and Mixology MasterClass, quite simply, features the very newest, most relevant and technically accurate training methods in the industry today.

Why other Bartending School Graduates don't cut it in the real world

With a unified dissatisfaction for the level of respect given to bartending school graduates, and with the common vision that a bartender was far more than the graduate of a mixology course, BartenderOne shattered the mold of the traditional bar school, by taking our signature MasterClass Program inside the industry's hottest bars and creating the first 100% hands on, completely mobile learning environment.

At BartenderOne we demand more of our students, and we are committed to providing measurable results to both students and employers. This means as a BartenderOne graduate you are more employable than a graduate from any other Bartending School in Canada.

Every bar has a BartenderOne.

They're the bartenders who get the best shifts, work the busiest sections, have the highest sales and make the best tip percentages. As a BartenderOne Graduate you'll have the knowledge and ability to walk into any bar and in a short time, position yourself to make the best money! Click to see registration hours and availability .

Train in Real Bars not simulated classrooms!

A carpenter wouldn't train with a simulated hammer, why would you train in a simulated classroom? Your bartender training will be more effective if you are behind a real bar before you apply for a bartending job. If you've already worked behind a real bar, but think that you're missing out on something, you probably are. Bartending Schools in Ontario have always taught recipes, now there's a place that will teach you hands on, and hands down the best way to make more money! See the classroom .

The industry's most qualified Instructors!

Our curriculum is taught exclusively by head bartenders from the country's busiest nightclubs, lounges, pubs and bars, not old bartending school instructors who haven't bartended in years. Your instructors don't waste your time with recipes from dusty old mixology manuals, you'll learn what's hot today what's going to be hot in the future! Your instructors not only bartend, but they also write for Canada's Bar and Beverage Industry Newspapers. They are frequently hired to consult on building and setting up new clubs and restaurants, and have the experience and tools to make you a better bartender. Click here to see your instructors