A Rum and Coke Will Never Be the Same!

Coca-Cola strengthened their relationship with bartenders yesterday as they launched a brand new line of Coca-Cola beverages starting in Western Europe called “Coca-Cola Signature Mixers”. Four different taste profiles were created with the “help of leading bartenders”, each harbouring the classic Coca-Cola flavour- however, each with a refined taste to pair with certain spirits.  No.1 is a “Smoky”- great with Bourbon and Aged Rum. No 2. Spicy- wonderful when paired with Scotch Whisky or Tequila Reposado & Anejo. No 3. Herbal Notes- excellent with Cognac and Scotch Whisky. Lastly, No 4. Woody Notes- fantastic when paired with Bourbon, straight Rye Whiskey and Spiced Rum. There is much to be explored when using these new “Dark Mixers for Dark Spirits”. Let BartenderOne be your guide for pairing these new signature mixers! Enrol in a Get Into the Spirit Workshop and learn about what a “Cube Libre” really is and how to create perfectly balanced and delicious cocktails with our classic “Coca-Cola”! 

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