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How to “Supercool” Your Next Martini!

It’s Monday Funday! Why not make it a Martini Monday and try out a new cooling technique called “supercooling”. As we know there is much debate on what the ratio of gin to dry vermouth should be for a dry martini, however, what can be agreed upon is how integral it is to serve the martini at very cool temperature. A gentleman named Giancarlo Mancino created a technique called “Supercooling” which ensures a perfectly cooled Martini every time! The process involves water that is on the brink of freezing, ¬†a frozen olive and dry vermouth. To learn more about this process and technique click here! Supercooling is just one technique which pertains to Martinis, there is much to learn about creating classic, delicious, and creative Martinis. BartenderOne has just the Workshop for you and your friends! Click here to enrol in our next Martini Madness Workshop and start stirring up Martinis on your Monday!

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“The Joys of Gin”

Has it been a “long” weekend for you? Feeling like it’s time for a bevy… perhaps a gin based cocktail? Find “the joys of gin” hear, you will discover 11 must try gin drinks! Spring is the perfect time to sip on gin cocktails,¬†its “herbaceous, botanical goodness is able to beautifully enhance ingredients”. Interested in what else gin has to offer as well as, other favourited spirits- Tequila, Rum, Bourbon, Vodka etc? Enrol in a BartenderOne Masterclass where you will be learning the craft of mixology and before you know it you will be shaking up all “the joys of gin”!¬†

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“You Make My Dreams Come True”… Pabst Blue Ribbon!

PBR is known for it’s great price tag and also has a distinctive taste enjoyed by many! What if a whiskey had those same principles? Affordable and delicious? It has been released that Pabst Blue Ribbon has done just that, from the records of Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau: “PBR is releasing its own official whiskey this summer”.¬†It’s said to be “80-proof whiskey, will be made from 52 percent corn, 27 percent malted barley, 17 percent wheat and 4 percent rye.‚ÄĚ Lastly, the label indicates that it was “aged for 5 seconds”, naturally creating a very light coloured whiskey. This is set to be a PBR Beer and Whiskey summer! Enhance your bartending skills and create some delicious whiskey cocktails at a BartenderOne MasterClass and host some great PBR Cocktail Parties this summer!¬†


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Agave Field + Tequila + Hotel = Casa Cafradia’s¬†Agave Farm!

Tired of the typical all-inclusive get aways? Ready for a vacation that’s out of the norm and will be an experience of a lifetime? Then this new hotel found in “the middle of Casa Cafradia’s¬†agave farm” is your destination! You’ll stay in large barrels and have the opportunity to “tour the fields by night, harvest your very own agave and even distill your own tequila.” To help get you and your travel buddies in the cocktail shaking and tequila mood… sign up for a Breaking the Ice Workshop hosted by BartenderOne. You’ll learn the craft or bartending, the trick behind creating well-balanced cocktails aka. a Margarita! Click here to enrol and get your tequila knowledge and margarita skills ready Casa Cafradia!¬†

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‘Drapril’ Anyone? Here’s how to make DryApril the best it can be!…

Today’s the start of a new month!… Are you feeling you’re in need of a dry month? Learn how to do it right and make the best “booze-free” cocktails! An article by Dan Q. Dao, from January 2019, describes 7 important steps and tips to remember when creating a non-alcoholic beverage. He references Noah Small who is a beverage director at Empellon in New York City who says…¬†‚ÄúA good zero-proof cocktail should be made with the same approach to balance as a cocktail with alcohol‚ÄĚ. Let the month of April be an exploration of juices, carbonation, herbs, fruits, your bottom shelf and let your creativity be tested.

Explore all there is to know about mixology and how to create a balanced “booze-free” beverage or full throttle cocktail by enrolling in BartdenderOne’s Mixology Masterclass. Learn what synergy in a beverage
really is here.   

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Feeling a Little “Dusty” After St. Patrick’s Day Weekend? Here’s What You Need!…

Hope everyone had a fabulous St. Patrick’s Day! Now for the aftermath cure…does your body feel like it needs some hydration, vitamins and/or some sort of a detox? How about drinking carrot juice, its a great source of vitamin C, D, E, and K. Take it to the next level and add it to a cocktail! ¬†Learn¬†3 reasons why carrot juice can be your cure¬†and cocktail enhancer!

How can you incorporate carrot juice into your next cocktail? Learn many bartending techniques and skills at a BartenderOne workshop. Bring your friends together for an evening of cocktail creation, laughter and bartending knowledge! 

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What You Need for a Fantastic St. Patrick’s Day Party!

The countdown is on! St. Patrick’s day is already less than two weeks away! What are your plans? Hosting a party or event? Click here to hire a ¬†professional, talented and entertaining bartender for your St. Patty’s Day bash! What’s on your drink menu? If you’re wanting to try something new and move away from green beer.. click here to check out a list of 5 new Irish Whiskeys that are on the market. Your bartender will serve these whiskies in style and with creativity at your event!¬†

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Do People Drink More in the Winter?

A recent study from the University of Pittsburgh has proven that we do in fact drink more when we’re cold. Not only that, but it’s also been proven that people who live in colder places drink more alcohol than those who live in warmer places.

Researchers have noticed that there’s a correlation between temperatures + hours of sunlight, and how much alcohol people consume. This is because alcohol increases the blood flow to the skin’s surface, which helps to warm us up when we’re cold. So if you’ve ever felt that warm sensation after having a drink, now you know it’s not all in your head and there’s science to back it up.

It can be difficult living somewhere with a harsh winter climate, but at least it’s a great time to be a bartender!

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Drinking in Public: A Recipe for Prosperity or Disaster?

Bourbon Street, New Orleans

When it comes to drinking in public, the rules haven’t always been the way they are today.
But in cities like New Orleans, Louisiana, the laws regarding drinking in public have remained very different than they currently are throughout the majority of North America.

It’s not uncommon to see someone walking down the street in New Orleans with a drink in hand, and it’s a policy most local residents hold near and dear to their hearts. Although New Orleans is perhaps the most recognized destination with an open alcohol policy, it’s not the only place where you can take your beer to-go.

A small number of other cities across the U.S. like Butte, Montana and Erie, Pennsylvania also allow open alcohol to be carried through most of the city. More and more cities are looking to get on board with the trend moving forward, in an effort to boost local economies. However, not too long ago it was actually legal to drink in public throughout most of the U.S.

It wasn’t until the 1970s that countries and cities began to outlaw public drinking due to it’s association with rowdy and disruptive behaviour.¬†Meanwhile, this wasn’t the case in New Orleans where the 1960s saw the rise of “window hawking”, when clubs would sell alcohol in to-go cups through a window. Residents of the city claim the overall atmosphere is more open and friendly because drinking in public is allowed.

As for places like Erie, Pennsylvania, the open alcohol policy has reinvigorated the community. Businesses depend on the alcohol sales to help support the local economy, and public drinking laws are imperative to the success of local festivals and street parties that stimulate the economy during the summer by increasing Erie’s popularity as a tourist destination.

What are your thoughts on drinking alcohol in public? Would it cause too much of an increase in drunk and disorderly behaviour, or could it be a viable source of economic development? Read more>>>

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The art of cocktail creation ‚Äúthe Ipour experience‚ÄĚ

Grannys liquor

As a follow up to my previous blog ‚ÄúSyrup & Spirit Sundays‚ÄĚ I have decided to share my cocktail creation experiences with you. What follows is a step by step breakdown of how our cocktail was created and thought process behind our syrups, infusions, and ultimately the end product!

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