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Find a bartending job with BartenderOne MasterClass Training

Precylee Sealy

The entire learning experience was awesome. Meeting others moving into this industry also. Ben was very encouraging and very informative. I have nothing but awesome feedback about this course and the people behind it.

-Precylee Sealy
Melinda Li

Learning in an actual bar gave me hands on practical experience, as opposed to a class room/mock bar. Dimitri was very knowledgeable, always able to make one-on-one time, fun & personable. There were many opportunities to practice speed rounds and accuracy pouring, and you get linked to many resources including other classes and the iPour Network. Amazing!

-Melinda Li
Andrew Kline

The class was amazing, it gave me the confidence and ability to deal with anything in a bar, from high stress to simply making a perfect drink. Ben was awesome!! Always happy to be there, to explain the little things that I didn't understand and make bartending easy!

-Andrew Kline
Saman Shahbazi

I took another bartending course and couldnt get a job, so I came to BartenderOne. It is way more hands on than other programs and was taught by a GREAT instructor, couldn't have asked anyone better.

-Saman Shahbazi
Sheena Ulch

I like the fact that the class teaches you exactly what you need to know to be job ready immediately. The instructor made it really easy to learn and didn't make me feel embarrassed to make a mistake. It's nice to know that they started off on the same level as me. I love the free refill policy and can't wait to perfect my score! Cheers to you David!!!! Thank you for the wonderful opportunity. Look forward to working with all of you.

-Sheena Ulch