What is the Cocktail of Summer 2019!!?

Summer certainly isn’t over in any regard…however it’s never to early to crown the most creative and delicious cocktail of the season! A recent article by Caroline Pardilla reveals the cocktail of the summer to be the “Cabana Club” cocktail. As explained in the article, this drink was invented by Yael Vangroff in a Hollywood hotel lounge and gaming parlour. Vangroff states “My goal is how do I make something so incredibly simple but next-level mind-blowing also?”. In words of writer Pardilla “It compels its drinker through a journey of creamy coconut, rounding it out with the nuttiness of amontillado sherry, holding attention with herbaceous absinthe and then bringing it home with cinnamon spice. Want to create your own signature cocktail for summer 2019? Enrol in a BartenderOne Get Into the Spirit Workshop here and learn the technique and tricks in creating a creative, balanced and delicious cocktail!

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