Your Dream Job Awaits!

Do these jobs requirements interest you?

-“Willing to commute by boat or paddle board, even when the weather is a little too beautiful to go to work

-Eager to chat to locals and tourists alike and get to know them over a cool bottle of local beer

-Manage the music playlist to ensure chilled beats are playing at all times

-Throw the occasional fish to the resident pelicans, who gave the bar its name

-Welcome passing boats looking for a refreshment with a smile

-Able to multitask—it can be tricky to hand out beer and appreciate the glistening turquoise water at the same time”

Yes? Well then Floyd Forbes owner of Floyd’s Pelican Bar in Jamaica has just the offer for you! As explained in an article by Tessa McLean, Mr. Forbes has been working at his bar for 8 years straight and he needs a break. His wish is to pass over the torch to a lucky bartender for a week! If bartending in paradise sounds like your dream job but have no clue how to bartend or would like to brush upon your skills..BartenderOne has just the course for you! Click here and enrol in our MasterClass to get you prepared, ready and confident behind the bar! The only thing we don’t provide is sun screen.

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