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First Date…First Impression…First Drink Order…

Have you made plans this weekend  with a special someone to go on a first date?  Are you already thinking about what you’re going to wear, what bar you’re going to go to…AND what drink you’re going to order first!? I know, great, one more thing to think about! Clink here to find out what men and women believe are the best and worst first date drinks to order. Is it wine? Redbull- Vodka?

Instead of going out to a restaurant or bar, how about impressing your date with shaking up your own cocktails!? Not quite sure how to mix drinks? No problem! Enroll in a BartenderOne mixology course and learn the art of bartending. Your date will be so impressed and those first date jitters will be shaken away before you know it! 

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What’s in Your “Lunchbox”?

As a kid didn’t you love packing your own lunch? You could throw in an array of foods that didn’t really go together but together they created the best shmorgesboard lunchbox! When it comes to alcohol, a bar in Oklahoma City called Edna’s named their signature cocktail the “Lunchbox” as it uses the same method of madness! The “Lunchbox” is comprised of Coors, Amaretto and OJ, it’s presented in a beer mug with a shot of Amaretto sitting at the bottom of the glass and topped with a splash of OJ. Read what the owner has to say about this stumbled upon creation of a cocktail!

Have you been harbouring some bizarre culinary combinations that you’d like to see come to fruition? Let BartenderOne help you release these creative ideas and enrol in a “Get into the Spirit” Workshop, where you will learn how to properly construct a well balanced cocktail and  have the opportunity create a new beverage using fresh ingredients from a Mystery Box or “Lunchbox” shall I say!

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This St. Patrick’s Day Drink Something Other Than Green Beer! How About A…

A Dublin Minstrel should be your drink of choice this St. Patricks Day weekend! Not only is the colour fitting but also its ingredients are spot on- one being Irish Whiskey. The Dublin Minstrel is a simple four ingredient cocktail that you should enjoy this 2019 St. Patty’s Day! Learn how to build and create great cocktails like the Dublin Minstrel and many others at the  world famous bartending school- BartenderOne. Click here to find the class that best fits you and your schedule! In the meantime Happy St. Patrick’s Day Weekend Everyone! 

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I’m Melting…I’m Melting…Into What?…

As we known ice’s composition is quite simple-  frozen water, however its effect is much more complex when added to a beverage. Ice of course brings a chill to your cocktail and if used correctly can open up a spirit’s flavour profile. Consequently, if used incorrectly it can dilute a cocktail or spirit.

But what if ice has much more to offer than just its typical purpose? What if it is used as a garnish, an advertisement or a gimmick? An American company based out of Los Angelas called “West Coast Ice Provisions“, has taken ordinary ice cubes to a whole new level. With the help of robots and engeneering software, “West Coast Ice Provisions” created logos and shapes that can go on or inside ice cubes that fit your specific glassware. To learn more about ice’s effects and ways to use it properly and creatively click here…to enroll in a BartenderOne course. Next time you look into your glass, take notice of your ice and what it’s melting into or around! Cheers!


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What is the Importance of Ice



Enticing yes...


Ice is…. An Integral Component of Every cocktail, under the general definition of a cocktail being “an alcoholic beverage which includes: Sugar, Bitters and Water (Ice)”. Whether it is being used to chill a cocktail, mix ingredients together, for dilution and water content or simply just to take up space in a glass – Ice is just as important as the drink itself.

 Bartending classes teach, about how much Ice a bartender should use in each cocktail being made, both in cocktails with a mixer for example a Whiskey Sour or even something as simple as a Rum and Coke and in ‘spirit- forward’ cocktails such as a Negroni or a Manhattan. These applications are concerned with ice in the final product, but what about drinks that are served with no ice?

Question: What does ‘Neat’ mean?

Answer: NO ICE!!! A drink served neat, would be a shot of liquor that has had no contact with Ice. It’s gone straight from the bottle to the glass.

So what does ‘Straight-Up’ mean? Ever had a Cosmopolitan or a Vodka Martini with Ice in it? I doubt it. Now think about this…..Have you ever seen a bartender shake or stir a drink, then strain the drink into a glass with no ice? This cocktail would be called a ‘Straight-Up’ cocktail.

So to simplify, both ‘Straight-Up’ and ‘Neat’ drinks are served without Ice. The difference is that ‘Straight-Up’ cocktails have had contact with ice at some point leading up to being served.

As mentioned earlier, Ice can be used to take up space in a glass. “Why wouldn’t I just use a smaller glass?” I can hear you all asking. Have you ever had a Mojito served straight-up or in a short glass with no Ice? Crushed Ice is used in the classic Mojito recipe, because not only does it keep the drink ‘Ice” cold, it takes up space in the glass allowing the drink to contain less liquid, but still appear to be a tall, grande, gesture from your favourite bartender.

Egg whites are becoming a commonly used ingredient in a whole range of different libations. Just like pineapple juice, the egg whites will emulsify under heavy shaking or whisking creating a foam. The Ice used in the shaker tin almost acts as a whisk and helps the process of emulsification during shaking, in such cocktails as the Whiskey Sour or the Gin Fizz.

Question: How important is ‘Dilution’?

Answer: In many cases, it is very important.

Many cocktail recipes include a shake or a stir, these are for both mixing the drink, making it cold and dilution.

Look out soon for the up-and-coming ‘Build, Shake, Stir’ blog.

Also, take a look at our molecular mixology program which will give you the lowdown on both liquid Nitrogen and Dry-Ice



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