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Pre-requisites: None
Duration: 5 days
Maximum Class Size: 8 Students

The Bartending and Mixology MasterClass is the MUST HAVE bartending licence according to industry standards! This 100% hands-on program gives you the confidence and ability to make great money, by connecting YOU with one of Canada's Top Ranked and Most Successful Bartenders leading the class. No time is wasted memorizing recipes you'll never make, you learn your drinks by handling the brands and cocktails that are most requested in bars today. If you're serious about getting a job in the bartending industry, this is the most complete bartender training program available. The MasterClass is designed for those who wish to gain employment in the bar industry including: NightClubs, Restaurants, Bars,Lounges, SupperClubs, Hotels and Cruise ships in Canada or internationally.


Bartending MasterClass Certification - Toronto

March 8, 2021 Entertainment District
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Bartending MasterClass Certification

Course Content

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Class One – Introduction and Orientation

Orientation is all about building your comfort zone. BartenderOne instructors start with a grassroots approach to spirits and liqueurs, to help you understand how cocktail families are created. You will master the top 10 cocktails ordered today with essential success techniques that most bartenders overlook. With a firm grasp on the essential bar tools and equipment necessary to make today’s cocktails you will become skilled at setting up your work area for ultimate profits. This is the beginning of a host of easy to remember habits, the secrets to success behind any bar.

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Class Two - Get Into The Spirit

One of the most common questions asked of a bartender is “what do you recommend”? This seminar will show you how to create custom cocktails that will satisfy your guests' unique taste and preferences. This is the science of mixology. You will be creating the next 10 most asked for drinks with focus on efficient and accurate service. You are already on your way to mastering the hottest cocktails of today and tomorrow.

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Class Three – Lots of Shots

Shooters are essentially “mini-cocktails.” In this class you’ll learn the essential skills required to layer shooters, using a variety of techniques including barspoon layering, the Baileys soaked cherry, and choking the pour spout. You will learn how to make shooters that are appealing to your guests tastes buds and help alleviate the temptations of “downing straight spirits.” You will then learn shaking and straining, and the most efficient ways to make multiple shooters and shooter pouring and presentations techniques guaranteed to boost your tip percentage! By learning to develop recipes with even the rarest of liqueurs, this seminar will help use liqueurs that would otherwise be left on the shelf.

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Class Four - Divine Wine

In this workshop you will learn the most important points about selling and serving wine, and 5 ways to avoid embarrassment while serving wine. This module will go into depth into the wine making process and you will learn about the differences in white and red wine as well blush wines, or rosés. Learn how to pour wine without spilling the last drop, and learn what wines to recommend when eating certain foods.

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Class Five – Martini Madness

From the classic Gin Martini, to cult favourites like the Cosmopolitan, you will learn how to make the most popular martinis of today and the soon to be classics of tomorrow. You will make French Martinis and Sour Apples, the Vesper Martini, popularized in James Bond films, the sexy chocolate martini, and nouveau drinks like the Pomegranate based Fashionista which is exploding in popularity because of its healthy properties. This seminar will teach you the four essential questions to ask, how and why to chill the glass, how to create eye popping gourmet garnish, and custom rimmers. Whether you want to bartend in a martini lounge or just throw a great party, this seminar will give you the tools you need to succeed.

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Class Six – Dare to Flair

If you want to serve drinks with style and confidence, Dare to Flair will teach you over 25 proven money making techniques! This workshop and will help you build skills fast! Flair Bartending is the way to go from making good money to great money! From practical working flair techniques that you can execute with no special set up, to show stopping tricks, this is the way to learn flair!

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Class Seven – Organizational Speed Bartending

Nobody likes to be thirsty, in this module you will learn how to go fast, after all time is money!! You will learn how to deal with high volume without having to sacrifice the quality of your drinks or drink service. Your BartenderOne instructor will work with you one on one in and teach you to utilize your bar space to your best capabilities. You will learn the importance of the “one touch rule” and how it applies in working with a team. You will also learn how to set up your bar for success using the two step principle. This program will help you be seen as an asset to a bar owner by generating more sales and earning the company more money…which get’s you the best shifts…which makes you more money!

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Class Eight – Practical Speed Bartending

Now that your bar is set up and organized, you will learn to apply techniques like the two-step principle to your bar. With heavy focus on keeping both of your hands moving at all times, you will learn icing, straw, and garnishing skills to double and triple your effectiveness behind the bar. Perfect your ability to minimize your customers wait, and maximize your revenue by combining both the techniques in Flair and Organizational Speed.

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Class Nine - High Volume Speed Bartending

Building on the skills learned in Classes Seven and Eight – this time we really light the afterburners and get you moving FAST. High Volume Speed Bartending will teach you how prepare multiple drinks and take multiple orders with ease, with time saving short cuts, proven methods for making the best use of your time, and tips on how to stay busy and out of “THE WEEDS.” Inspired by speed competitions from some of the toughest bartending competitions on the planet, this program will put you under pressure, on the clock and in the money. This program will teach you how to deal with high speed environments where other bartenders perish. This class will definitely give you the tools and the confidence to work where YOU want!

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Class Ten – Final Testing

The final exam consists of 3 parts. Knowledge, Speed & Accuracy. This is the most challenging exam of its kind. BartenderOne does not hand out certificates for nothing. Students must study and earn their marks which is why the BartenderOne MasterClass certification is the most recognized in the hospitality industry.

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