It’s All Coming Up Roses!

Roses are red, violet’s are blue, let me mix up a rose pedal drink for you! It’s summer time and that means bright, beautiful and fruity cocktails are a must! Want to try using a different ingredient to infuse your bevies? Tired of the traditional fruit infusions? How about adding rose pedals or making a rose pedal infused simple syrup to sweeten your creation. A recent article by Sarah Watson, describes the art of “foraging rose pedals”, their history and also how to create a delicious rose liqueur. With all rose pedals being edible, it makes it easy to incorporate them into your next beverage. “Their aromatic, vividly floral, earthy notes with a hint sweetness, spice and bitterness introduce elegant, exotic flavour to cocktails and drinks.” Lastly, if you’re looking for some bartending inspiration and guidance, BartenderOne has the perfect Get Into the Spirit Workshop for you, your friends and colleagues. Come together and learn about the art of bar tendering and create unique beverages with a mystery box of pantry items… maybe some rose pedals will be waiting for you!


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