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It’s Never Too Early for Holiday Baking with These!…

Regardless is if it’s close to the holidays or not, who doesn’t love walking into a home and smelling freshly baked sweets! Bailey’s Irish cream has the perfect ingredient to add to your next batch of cookies, muffins, cakes or fondue! These Baileys Irish cream flavoured chips are non-alcoholic, however, who says you can’t pair an Irish cream chip cookie with a Baileys infused latte or coffee? The options are endless! Learn more about what you can create with coffee liqueurs at a Spiked Coffee Workshop from BartenderOne. Click here to enrol!

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Coffee Capsules for Bartenders?!

Maxwell Calonna-Dashwood founder of Colonna coffee and “three time UK Barista Champion” teamed up with world renowned mixologist and author Tristan Stephenson to create “the Bartender Series, a range of espresso capsules designed specifically for use in cocktails.”.  A recent article describes the three flavour profile capsules available which include: Earth, Sweet and Fruit. Each capsule is created with a specific spirit pairing in mind. For instance, the Earth is “herbal and sweet with mild spice” residing well with tequila, mezcal and agave based cocktails. Calonna-Dashwood and Stephenson’s belief is that “this approach to implementing coffee in a cocktail bar environment has the potential to revolutionise the manufacture of drinks like the espresso martini as well as myriad other coffee based drinks.”

The craft of Bartending and skills of a Barista are becoming one entity it seems! Interested in learning these fine skills? BartenderOne has just the courses for you! The Bueno Barista and BartenderOne MasterClass course will provide the training you need to excel, go way beyond many expectations in the industry and of course make exceptional money!

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To All the Coffee Lovers…

When that lovely morning alarm starts to ring, is your first thought… It’s coffee time!? Coffee is a staple to many  morning and daytime routines. Maybe you’re getting tired of that traditional cup of Joe and need to revamp that ordinary cup of drip coffee. “Cafe Agave” may be your ticket to a new coffee experience! This American company has “brought together two of the most popular things in the world together in one drink.” Spiked cold coffee beverages is their claim to fame, offering four delicious flavours including..Cafe Mocha, Espresso Shot, Salted Caramel and Vanilla Cinnamon.

Not only is coffee enjoyable to drink, it is also incredibly enjoyable to make. Have you been wondering how to pull a perfect espresso shot or create stunning latte art? BartenderOne’s Buena Barista Workshop is just the evening for you. You’re morning coffee will become even more gratifying and exciting. You’ll be jumping out of bed excited to make yourself an Americano, latte or cappuccino. Click here to sign you and your partner in crime up for a Barista Class!

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Wake up and smell the Coffee

lDid you know that famous saying is actually accurate? As it turns out, our sense of smell shuts down during sleep. The sense of smell, or “olfaction”, is the first sense we use at birth and is the sense most closely linked to the brain. Some of life’s simplest pleasures are based on the sense of smell which is central to the ability to taste. And what aroma is more  identifiable than a freshly brewed cup of  coffee?   We all know not all coffee tastes the same, or possesses the same flavour characteristics, but why? The study of coffee is constantly evolving.  There are quite a few top knotch classes in Toronto however many don’t run in the summer months.  Buena Barista is a year round class that recently welcomed Roxanne Ramnarine as its new instructor.”Roxy” brings a wealth of knowledge and passion for the mighty bean. We hear she has a few fun tricks up her sleeve this summer to get your senses working!

Coffee anyone?

Coffee anyone?





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Coffee, Caffe, Café!

Coffee anyone?

Coffee anyone?

Coffee, Caffe, Café! It doesn’t matter where you come from or how you say it: If there is one thing I can’t go a morning with out this would be it. It’s a good thing I live in the Café rich city of Toronto.

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