How to “Supercool” Your Next Martini!

It’s Monday Funday! Why not make it a Martini Monday and try out a new cooling technique called “supercooling”. As we know there is much debate on what the ratio of gin to dry vermouth should be for a dry martini, however, what can be agreed upon is how integral it is to serve the martini at very cool temperature. A gentleman named Giancarlo Mancino created a technique called “Supercooling” which ensures a perfectly cooled Martini every time! The process involves water that is on the brink of freezing,  a frozen olive and dry vermouth. To learn more about this process and technique click here! Supercooling is just one technique which pertains to Martinis, there is much to learn about creating classic, delicious, and creative Martinis. BartenderOne has just the Workshop for you and your friends! Click here to enrol in our next Martini Madness Workshop and start stirring up Martinis on your Monday!

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