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Bartender 101 Certification
Learn to Bartend from Home!

Pre-Requisites: None
Duration: 8 Hours of Live and Recorded Instructor Led Training

If you have ever wanted to be able to mix drinks like the professionals, this introductory bartending licence will teach you to make the most popular and current cocktails, martinis, and shooters requested in bars today. You train virtually with an industry leading Mixologist, from the comfort of your home. With unique training experiences, you will have firsthand knowledge of the preparation, appearance and taste of today’s top beverages. Also included in this program are Red wines, White wines, Champagne and Beer Training. Upon graduation you will have the knowledge and confidence necessary to make great drinks! Suitable for: Those who wish to gain employment in low-medium volume bars such as Hotels, Banquet Halls, Golf Courses, or for Bartending Enthusiasts.


Bartender 101 Certification - Toronto

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Bartender 101 Certification

Course Content

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Class 1 & 2 – Orientation and Get into the Spirit

When you walk onto the bar for the first time, you will be walking with confidence. Starting with a grassroots approach to spirits and liqueurs, this easy to understand seminar will help you understand how cocktail families are created. You will learn to make the top 10 drinks on the market before the end of this session, and you will have begun to develop easy to remember habits, the secrets to success behind any bar. One of the most common questions asked of a bartender is “What do you suggest?” This seminar will show you how to create a custom cocktail that will satisfy any guests’ unique tastes and preferences. This specific method has been proven successful and will make you more money and bring you more repeat customers than any other technique.

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Class 3 & 4– Divine Wine and Lots of Shots

In the Divine Wine seminar you will learn the most important points about selling wine and 5 ways to avoid embarrassment while serving wine. This workshop explores the wine making process and teaches you the differences between white and red wine as well blush wines, or rosés. Ninety percent of wine drinkers don’t know what they’re drinking. You will learn how wine is made from the grape to the bottle and you will learn how to pour wine without spilling a drop, and explore proper wine and food pairings. In shooter class you’ll learn moneymaking layering skills like the Baileys soaked cherry and choking the pour spout. You will then learn shaking and straining, and the most efficient ways to make multiple shooters and shooter pouring and presentations techniques guaranteed to boost your tip percentage!

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Class 5 – Martini Madness

From the classic Vodka or Gin Martini, to cult favourites like the Cosmopolitan, you will learn how to make not only the most popular martinis of today but also the soon to be classics of tomorrow. You will learn how to make the Vesper which was popularized in the James Bond films, the sexy chocolate martini, to nouveau drinks like the Pomegranate based Grenadini which is exploding in popularity because of it’s healthy properties. This module will teach you the four essential questions to ask your guests when ordering martinis, to prevent embarrassment. You will learn how and why to chill the glass, how to create eye popping gourmet garnishes, and custom rimmers. Whether you want to bartend in a top martini lounge or just throw a great party, this seminar will give you the skills you need to succeed.

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