“Sip City”-The Next Best Place to Bartend!

Bartending is a universal skill, one that can fund your passion for travel, adventure and culture. Recently, the bright neon light city Las Vegas (“Sip City”) was deemed  “The Best Drinking City in America”. An article by Nino Padova describes five reasons why this is so, one of them being it has become one of the “friendliest places in the country for hospitality employees.” It’s affordable for bartenders to live and with some hard work, mixologists can make a substantial amount of money in a short amount of time. Sound like a great gig!? Want to start packing your bags but don’t have a clue how to bartend? BartenderOne’s MasterClass is your gold ticket to Las Vegas. Within a week you will learn the craft of bartending, gain confidence behind the bar and learn some flair that will wow your guests! Enrol now and book that plane ticket! Let the adventure begin!

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