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Parties in June Must Haves…

Thursday, June 20th, 2019

Planning to host some backyard parties this June? Tired of serving and drinking the same old Gin & Tonics, Rum & Cokes, and watered down Margaritas? A list of 11 essential cocktails was released by “” that needs to be read and put into action for your next get together! Perhaps a “Hello, Sun” cocktail with fresh mint, cucumber, aloe liqueur and mezcal may be your signature cocktail for the evening. Click here to see the full list of cocktails and make your next party a bevy party to remember! Perhaps hosting parties isn’t your cup of tea…then let BartenderOne host a workshop where you and your friends can get together and create and drink these delicious cocktails while learning proper bartender technique. Sign up here today!

Ice.. Ice… Maker!

Wednesday, June 19th, 2019

Ice can change the appearance of a cocktail in such a significant way. Blocks of ice can also enhance the sophistication of a cocktail. However, blocks of ice can be expensive to buy and quite difficult to make if you don’t have the right tools. Thanks to “Bar Innovator of the Year- Stephan Hinz”, blocks of crystal clear ice can be made in a simple, stylish and compact fashion while using his invention- the Ice Block Machine! Learn more about how to us this wonderful machine and the instalation steps here. This may be the perfect addition to your home bar or restaurant! Interested in learning more about ice and mixology? Enrol in a fantastic BartenderOne Workshop and create delicious cocktails while using proper technique. Don’t delay and let the ice melt, enrol today!

It’s Official- “We the North Day!

Monday, June 17th, 2019

Raise your glasses and cheers to June 17, 2019 as the official “We the North Day”! Today marks a very special and monumental day for thousands of Canadians and Raptors Fans! In the words of John Tory…”we gather to celebrate the first NBA championship in Raptor’s history, I encourage everyone in our city to show our support, pride, love, and appreciation for this incredible team.” Continue reading Tory’s Proclamation here! Staying in tune with Raptors colours… why not  mix up a delicious Negroni to celebrate this wondrous victory! BartenderOne can help you discover your bartending skills and help you shake up some Raptors Celebratory drinks!! Congratulations again to the Raptors! You Make Millions So PROUD!!


Stretch to the Sky!

Tuesday, June 11th, 2019

As bartenders we all have our own routines and rituals before we head into our shifts. Some maybe a little more productive than others! However, a recent article by Laura Scholz describes a must activity before heading into work and that is….STRETCHING! “This job is hard, mentally, emotionally and physically. Stretching not only prepares your body for the tasks you’re about to perform, but it also gives you a moment to take care of yourself before interacting with guests.” The article describes the why’s and how’s stretching is a fabulous prep routine before getting behind the bar. So why not try it out and stretch before your next shit!? Give your body and mind a chance to be free and become focused, not only will your body benefit but maybe your tips as well! Attend a BartenderOne Workshop and stretch with us, before starting to learn about the art of bartending and creating some delicious cocktails!!

It’s All Coming Up Roses!

Monday, June 10th, 2019

Roses are red, violet’s are blue, let me mix up a rose pedal drink for you! It’s summer time and that means bright, beautiful and fruity cocktails are a must! Want to try using a different ingredient to infuse your bevies? Tired of the traditional fruit infusions? How about adding rose pedals or making a rose pedal infused simple syrup to sweeten your creation. A recent article by Sarah Watson, describes the art of “foraging rose pedals”, their history and also how to create a delicious rose liqueur. With all rose pedals being edible, it makes it easy to incorporate them into your next beverage. “Their aromatic, vividly floral, earthy notes with a hint sweetness, spice and bitterness introduce elegant, exotic flavour to cocktails and drinks.” Lastly, if you’re looking for some bartending inspiration and guidance, BartenderOne has the perfect Get Into the Spirit Workshop for you, your friends and colleagues. Come together and learn about the art of bar tendering and create unique beverages with a mystery box of pantry items… maybe some rose pedals will be waiting for you!