Coffee Capsules for Bartenders?!

Maxwell Calonna-Dashwood founder of Colonna coffee and “three time UK Barista Champion” teamed up with world renowned mixologist and author Tristan Stephenson to create “the Bartender Series, a range of espresso capsules designed specifically for use in cocktails.”.  A recent article describes the three flavour profile capsules available which include: Earth, Sweet and Fruit. Each capsule is created with a specific spirit pairing in mind. For instance, the Earth is “herbal and sweet with mild spice” residing well with tequila, mezcal and agave based cocktails. Calonna-Dashwood and Stephenson’s belief is that “this approach to implementing coffee in a cocktail bar environment has the potential to revolutionise the manufacture of drinks like the espresso martini as well as myriad other coffee based drinks.”

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