Syrup & Spirit Sundays

Syrups & Infusions

Inspired by my experience taking the Bartenderone IBC course, fellow Bartenderone instructor Jay Patience and I decided to undertake a weekly mission to create some “off the beaten path” syrups and infusions. The first step in our mission was a unique and groundbreaking brainstorming session where we were able to discuss a wide variety of ingredients and spirits. We anticipated the best place to start would be an urban market where we were introduced to an array of herbs, spices, and fruits that are not traditionally found in cocktails. The result for us was a countertop full of ingredients fit for more like a cooking class then a mixology experience.

We decided that the best course of action for us to take was to document our findings in order to tweak our recipes down the line with full knowledge of what we had already “invented”. Not to mention after a whole day/night of tasting spirits and syrups we figured it would be hard to track our recipes without writing them down. This proved to be very valuable the next day when we recounted our steps through our chicken scratch text!

What we ended up with was five pages of distinctive infusions and syrups, the three most prominent being:

Burnt Orange Peel Infused Sobieski Vodka
Jalapeno/Cilantro/Lime Infused Syrup
Carrot/Habanero/Roasted Garlic Infused Syrup

Synergy Chart

After literally a whole day of making syrups and infusing spirits we were left with multiple jars of syrups and infused spirits that would make the IBC instructors and judges proud! We then had the task of pairing juices and mixes that would balance effectively on the Bartenderone synergy chart. The result was three delicious and exciting cocktails that generated a solid framework for many more syrup/spirit Sundays to come. Stay tuned for recipes posted on!

Jeremy Browes

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