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Sangria World Tour!

Wednesday, July 10th, 2019

From San Diego to Barcelona to Orlando to Las Vegas to Chicago then back around to Washington D.C, Sangria has a made a unique mark in all of these tourist destinations. Summer is the perfect time for travel and to drink Sangria on the patio! No worries if you would rather enjoy your own home and space this summer while drinking delicious Sangria on your own patio… A recent article by Kelly Magyarics, describes 6 different Sangria recipes from all around the world that you need to try! Quench your thirst and refresh your usual drink of choice and give these sangrias a go! Want to learn more about what makes Sangria…Sangria? And learn about mixology? Click here to enrol yourself and a group of friends in BartenderOne’s Get Into the Spirit Workshop! Come together in a fun, positive and create space where you will laugh, spill, learn and drink delicious cocktails!


Sous Vide Vodka!?

Thursday, July 4th, 2019

Every season there seems to be a new flavoured vodka on the market, for instance Kettle One’s new Peach & Orange Blossom! How would you like to have a go at infusing your own vodka and creating a new unique flavour!? A recent article by Kelly Magyarics entitled “Infusing Your Own Flavored Vodka Through Science. It’s Easier Than You Think” describes using the sous vide method for infusing your vodka. Although this sounds rather fancy and complicated, it really isn’t. You do not need any special equipment or a “culinary degree”, simply a mason jar. Click here to learn more and the steps to infusing your own vodka. Interested in learning more about Vodka? How to create a perfectly balanced vodka based cocktail? Enroll here in a BartenderOne’s Workshop and discover all that Vodka has to offer!