It’s all the Rage…”Rage Yoga”!

Looking for a new exercise routine? Tired of the typical pilates, yoga/hot yoga classes? What if a Yoga class exists where the instructor  encourages you to “swear, yell and, well, rage, then take a beer break”!? This new form of yoga is called “Rage Yoga”. It uses a traditional vinyasa practice of holding poses and the breathing portion involves screaming out your inner thoughts, stresses, and frustrations. Classes are held online as well as in Calgary, Edmonton, and Houston TX.

Maybe Yoga isn’t your cup of tea for relaxation? Perhaps you like to be with a group of friends shaking up cocktails and having a few bevies! BartenderOne has just the form of relaxation for you. Enrol in a Get in the Spirit or Breaking the Ice Workshop and learn how to mix up some delicious cocktails, sample your creations and let yourself relax in a fun, exciting and friendly environment!

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