BEWARE: Fake Alcohol That Could Kill You!

Currently in the U.K, authorities have advised everyone to be on the lookout for a brand of vodka called “Radanoff”, which is said to contain industrial strength alcohol!

For those of you wondering what this means… Industrial strength alcohol is intended mainly for cleaning and sanitization purposes, and is not safe for human consumption. Ingesting even a small amount of this form of alcohol can lead to effects as severe as blindness or even death.

The bottles of fake vodka in circulation are said to have no customs duty stamp, and invalid barcodes.

Other signs to be cautious of include caps that aren’t sealed, inconsistent fill levels, and incorrectly spelled labels.

Unfortunately fake alcohol is an issue that exists all over the world, and we encourage you to always be cautious and stay safe!

You can read more about this here >>>

In the meantime… if you’ve got some REAL alcohol on hand, click here to check out a ton of recipes you can try out at home!

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