Bartenders: How to Save Your Hands from Bar Rot!

It’s safe to say that any job that requires your hands to be in contact with water and cleaning agents frequently can increase your risk of developing unpleasant skin conditions. However, people working in the food and beverage industry can be especially susceptible due to repeatedly working with acidic ingredients such as citrus and other fruit juices.

These skin conditions can range from mild to serious, but it’s important to protect your skin because all can be uncomfortable and troublesome. One of the worst-case situations known as phytophotodermatitis (or “The Margarita Burn”), occurs when overexposure to citrus juices causes the skin to develop hypersensitivity to sunlight. This can result in painful burns when the skin is exposed to the sun’s rays!

Another skin condition that you can run the risk of developing is a bacterial/fungal infection called Paronychia, A.K.A “Bar Rot”. Paronychia appears first as inflammation around the nails, but in serious cases it can lead to detachment of the entire nail and require antibiotics for treatment.

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