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Breaking the Ice - $49
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Breaking the Ice - $49

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Breaking the Ice

Duration: 2.5 - 3 hours
Pre-Requisites: None
Age Requirement: Min. 18 Years Old
Suitable for: New Bartenders, Working Bartenders, Cocktail Enthusiasts.
Are you up for a job where you can make an OBSCENE amount of CASH - while making new friends every night - working only a couple shifts a week? Then, this is for YOU! This introductory workshop will give you a taste of what being a bartender is like. An average bartender in Canada makes $500 per week in cash working only three shifts? Wanna learn how? You will learn from some of the Top Bartenders in Toronto nightlife scene the secrets on how to shake and stir your way to the job of your dreams. Welcome to our world

Edwina Neault

Breaking the Ice - $49 - Toronto

August 31, 2019 Entertainment District
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