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Mastering Molecular Mixology - $88
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Mastering Molecular Mixology - $88

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Duration: 6 hours
Pre-Requisites: None
Age Requirement: Min. 19 Years Old

The world of Molecular Mixology is intimidating, this workshop teaches you that it's not as difficult as many people say. You will learn how to make mouthwatering foams to top high end cocktails, and how to use mists to change and improve the flavour of cocktails. You will learn to Flambe glassware and Brulee cocktails to give your guests an unparalleled experience that they simply won't find anywhere else. With these techniques mastered, you'll learn techniques you can use to "Fatwash" spirits and use core infusion techniques to flavour your own spirits and make custom cocktail ingredients that will set you apart from every other bartender serving today!

Britney Alvarez

Mastering Molecular Mixology - $88 - Toronto

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