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Grape to Glass - $49
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Grape to Glass - $49

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Duration: 2.5 - 3 hours
Pre-Requisites: None
Age Requirement: Min. 19 Years Old
Materials Included: Grape to Glass Sampling booklet, Olfactory training

In this workshop you will learn the most important keys to wine selection, service and storage , and 5 ways to avoid embarrassment while serving wine. This program begins with a brief overview of the wine making process and you will learn about the differences between grape varietals, whites and reds as well blush or rosés and sparkling wine or Champagne. Also included is the Nez du Vin, (Nose of Wine) and you`ll learn to pick up more than 12 distinct aromas commonly missed in wines. Learn how to pour wine without spilling the last drop, the proper techniques for sampling and drinking wine, and learn what wines to recommend when eating certain foods. This certification equips you with the information to serve confidently and speak intelligently about all types of wine.

Britney Alvarez

Grape to Glass - $49 - Toronto

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