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Although you may be able to land a part time job as a bar tender to help out, you will do better if you have completed a course for Bartender Certification which will give you better benefits and rates per hour, compared to what an assistant bartender will earn. Bartender One Bar School in Toronto offers you full courses for Bartender Certification given by master bartenders with years of experience, and you will find that we have convenient course schedules to suit even those who have a full time job, but are interested in becoming a bartender. Our website has been designed so that you can learn more about this profession, and if you are interested, register for a Bartender Certification course.

Being in possession of Bartender Certification will open up many doors for some lucrative employment in smart hotels, clubs, bars, on cruise liners, and in restaurants—some examples where you will find a bartender. Unlike many bar schools that give courses where you can wait for weeks or even months for your certification, we process your Bartender Certification through the right channels so that you can start work as a bartender as soon as possible. You may want to pursue a full time profession as a bartender, or just need your qualification, so that you can earn extra income in part time positions.

You can do a basic Bartender Certification course at Bartender One School in Toronto, and progress to do the cocktail mixing course, and then master certification course if you would like to work bartending for a career. Bartending is a social job, and in busy resort hotels and clubs, a very demanding job, though extremely lucrative earnings wise. If you do your job well, your tips can exceed what you earn in an hourly rate, and some bars will offer you a percentage of the overall alcohol sales.

The demand for qualified bartenders is higher than ever before, and if you have completed a Bartender Certification course through our school, you are almost guaranteed an attractive position at numerous institutions advertising posts for bartenders. Read further information on the Bartender Certification courses which go right up to a master’s course, and specialty workshops where current bartenders can brush up their skills on new cocktails and alcohol mixes. If you want to be a full time bartender, then start wit the beginner courses and work through the entire program to be a confident professional.

Browse our website to get information on suitable accommodation within walking distance from Bartender One if you are from out of town, and the current costs for the course which are exceptional value for money compared to what you pay at other schools. Our bartender certification is given by master, professional bartenders with decades of experience, and the courses are fun and educational while being hands-on to build confidence.