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Bartending jobs can seem really hard to come by at good establishments. This is because, at popular establishments that do a high amount of turn over and stay in business for years creates a safe environment and stability, with consistent high income, that keeps the bartenders at the different establishments there for the long run. So finding the right place that's the perfect environment and energy for you, can be frustrating and a tedious process. The good news is that at Bartender One we make that reality for most new certified bartenders an impossibility, sure to be hired at the establishment of your dreams within no time. In Vancouver, and cities all across Canada, we can promise you that based on our companies reputation and resourcefulness, that it is inevitable that through you entry and certification with Bartender One, we will help you get great employment and start the process as soon as you want to start your expertise as a Bartender One certified bartender. For the most part, you're thinking, that time would be immediately after you have collected your certification from us.

We have planned for this for all our students on leaving our institution with flying colors. What we have at Bartender One, are a couple of options to make this a reality with a few viable options that we will collectively run at the same time for your best interest for the future of your career in the bartending world. We have available, the largest 'Free Job posting, and Search Network. This is a free listing of bartending availabilities for your perusal, all across Canada, and from every angle of the entertainment industry, requiring bartenders of the highest grade with great salaries. Who's hiring? Who's looking? This 'free' job list, with no payment requirements at any cost to you, will entitle you to the best opportunities in this field, possible. Here in Vancouver and all the other cities in Canada, constantly have new bars, clubs restaurants, pubs and other entertainment industries, that will post their search for your expertise before they are even open for their first night.

This will increase your opportunity for employment at a place of your desire. Not to mention your reputable and credible training with the best bartending training across the globe. On this free job list you can implement and join as a jop seeker searching for the right place, so that employers who regularly check for the right employees will check on this list, where your info and education will be there for you to display for as long as you want. However, make no mistake it won't be long before you are snatched by a new or reputable establishment. The other option on this free job list for bartenders, is that you may send in your information, under 'employers', where they have stated their location, their establishment, and how soon they're looking to hire you. Check it every morning so that you don't miss the perfect opportunity.