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Get Into The Spirit Cocktail Workshop Toronto

Get Into The Spirit Cocktail Teambuilding Workshop

Teams work best together when they like and respect each other, learn to work collaboratively, are pushed outside their comfort zones and know that they can have fun with one another while working hard to produce a result. Each of our teambuilding experiences is designed to encourage these dynamics in your team. They are also designed to be extraordinarily enjoyable and memorable events that your team will appreciate and that will give them skills they can take into their personal lives...thanks to you.

The elements of a well made cocktail work much like a team. Different spirits, liqueurs, sweeteners, and citrus combine to make one mouth watering beverage. Understanding this synergy, and how the ingredients in a cocktail work harmoniously together have tremendous parallels when you consider why a cocktail tastes so delicious, and how the strengths of each team member combine to achieve your end goal.

Imagine the following scenario: One of your team has a dinner party after one of our workshops and the guests say "Wow, these drinks are amazing. Where did you learn to do this?" And the answer? "At work." Their friends will be amazed at what a great company they work for. That can only make that person feel even better about working with you.

Improving Communication Teambuilding Workshop Toronto

Mojito Madness Teambuilding Workshop

Few drinks refresh like a classic Mojito. The reason being, it uses different ingredients which compliment each other to create one fabulous product; much like the dynamics of the teambuilding workshop itself. After learning the classic recipe and having some fun with the drink making process, participants will learn to make their own signature Mojito with specialty chocolate or lemon mint, different types of citrus fruits, fresh berries, and sweeteners like honey, agave nectar and maple syrup. This workshop will identify and utilize the strengths of team members, while helping participants to learn more about themselves and each other.

Teambuilding Workshop Motivating a Team

Prepare to Flair - Fun Flair Bartending Team Workshop

Everyone likes to have a few tricks up their sleeve. This group interactive workshop will make the workplace more enjoyable by combining fun, exciting and memorable experiences while improving group dynamic and team productivity. Based on the needs of your team, our facilitators will tailor both group and individual exercises while challenging team members to step outside their comfort zone, trying new activities that they might never have attempted otherwise. The focus of this workshop is fun!

Dynamic Teambuilding Workshops

Martini Magic Teambuilding

From James Bond to Sex and the City, Martini culture is everywhere! This teambuilding workshop will utilize a variety of tasks designed to develop group members and their ability to work together effectively, all while staying “sufficiently lubricated” for great social interaction. The purpose of this exercise is to assist teams in becoming cohesive units of individuals who bond and can effectively work together to complete tasks through creating and sampling modern classic martinis like the Cosmopolitan, the French Martini, the Candy Apple Martini and many more. After all, great minds drink alike!

Customized Teambuilding Workshops

In addition to the four most popular workshops, we also offer workshops including Better Beer Sampling, Divine Wine Sampling, Scotch and Cigar Pairings along with customized Premium Vodka Tasting, Premium Rum Tasting, Premium Whiskey Tasting, Premium Gin Tasting and Top Shelf Tequila Tasting Workshops. Contact BartenderOne for more details at 416.461.4441.

Martini Magic Teambuilding Seminar Teambuilding Comunication Strategy Team Goal Setting Seminar
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