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Bartender Christmas: Generous mysterious man wanders around leaving massive tips

It seems Christmas came early for a number of fortunate bartenders who have received the visit of a mysterious patron leaving generous gratuities across the United States signing each receipt with the cryptic Instagram account name @TipsForJesus.

A bartender in Phoenix, Micah Olson found out about this mysterious man when after serving a couple rounds of drinks he discovered they had left a $2,500 tip on his $530 bill.

The mysterious man’s Instagram account doesn’t reveal too much either, with one lone message “Doing the Lord’s work, one tip a time”  it’s hard to know what are the intentions behind this modern Samaritan.

Reports indicate he has been spotted in bars and restaurants along the West Coast, the Pacific Northwest and several MidwesternStates leaving tips that range from $500 to $10,000

Another lucky bartender who got a $3,000 on a $87 bill declares that when he asked the mysterious patron why he was doing this he simply said it was a way to say thank you for the good beer recommendations.

Aside from the fact that all bills are paid with the famous Black Card from American Express, reserved for its elite customers and that he is polite and well mannered few other clues appear that can indicate who this generous gentleman is. But we are sure of one thing, we hope this guy decides to cross the border and spread his generosity in the maple leaf land.

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TODAY News Online “Tips for Jesus” spreads the wealth in massive restaurant tips.



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