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Toronto VS Montreal… The Challenge is ON



Toronto and Montreal have a historic tivalry… from Politics to Hockey the two largest cities in Canada are sworn adversaries, Toronto considers itself the Canadian New York while Montreal proudly boasts as the most european city in North America. Now, a new chapter for this rivalry has started. Welcome to the B1 Beat The Move Challenge the quest to find the best flair bartenders in Canada.

BartenderOne Toronto Flair Gurus, which are in good part responsible for the growing awareness about flair bartender in this Country want to push flair culture further. Every two weeks a new B1 Flair instructor will be posting a new Flair Move, flair bartenders – like our friends as our friends at BartenderOne Montreal-  have those two weeks to come up with a reply, the challenge: replying with an even better move. When one of the sides can’t come up with a decent reply and increase the difficulty it will automatically lose and the other side will get the glory of being crowned as B1BeatTheMove Champion

This Challenge is open to any Flair Bartender in the World willing to demonstrate that they can beat our Flair Instructors. It’s time for the world to know that flair bartending is back and that the best flair bartenders this planet has seen come from Canada.  Follow our Instagram account @BARTENDERONETO and get into the challenge using the hashtag #B1BeatTheMove

Now you know it, grab those bottles and tins and start flipping

… the glory belongs to those who grab life by the horns and a bottle by the neck.

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B1 Style Midterms / Mi-session, style B1

(Voir plus bas pour le texte en français.)

And another class comes to an end at BartenderOne Montreal. While midterm madness takes up most of College students’ time, BartenderOne students were going through a whole different experience learning, making, and tasting cocktails.

Flair 101

On Monday, the week started off strongly with 7 super energetic students. Their first day went well, and far from being discouraged from their first long day with us, they stayed at night to cheer for their instructor Luke at the qualifiers for the Made With Love bartending competition. The event was a great success. B1 Bar was completely packed with some of Montreal’s best bartenders. These guys created tens of crazy cocktails during a challenge that evaluated their speed, technique, originality, presentation and taste.

On Tuesday morning, despite a slight general hangover (but it’s part of the job, isn’t it?), our soon-to-be bartenders’ motivation was at its highest and they got to practice their layering techniques, as well as taste different kinds of wine.

By Wednesday, our students were already at their ease behind the bar while they learned all about martinis and got to land their first flair tricks.

Thursday came fast and we got to watch our students’ great determination during their speed rounds. They scored impressive times!

The week is now coming to and end. At this exact time, they are going through their final evaluation. The whole BartenderOne team would like to wish them the best of lucks. We all had a memorable week and we can’t wait to work again with each of them, whether it be at one of our events, or in a more advanced class. To all of you graduates and future students, we say Cheers!


Et voilĂ  qu’une autre semaine de cours s’achève chez BartenderOne MontrĂ©al. Alors que la frĂ©nĂ©sie des examens de mi session occupait beaucoup d’Ă©tudiants universitaires et collĂ©giens, les Ă©tudiants BartenderOne vivaient une semaine hors du commun, intense en prĂ©paration de cocktails, flair, et dĂ©gustations.

Dès lundi, la semaine a commencĂ© en force avec 7 Ă©tudiants Ă©nergiques au rendez-vous. Loin d’ĂŞtre dĂ©couragĂ©s de leur première longue journĂ©e de cours, les Ă©tudiants sont venus encourager leur instructeur Luke aux qualifications pour la compĂ©tition de bartending Made With Love durant la soirĂ©e. L’Ă©vĂ©nement fĂ»t d’ailleurs un succès. Le Bar B1 Ă©tait plein Ă  craquer des bartenders les plus reconnus de MontrĂ©al. Ces derniers ont su crĂ©er des dizaines de cocktails les plus ingĂ©nieux les uns que les autres lors d’un challenge oĂą la vitesse, la technique, l’originalitĂ©, la prĂ©sentation et le goĂ»t dĂ©terminaient les 15 meilleurs compĂ©titeurs de la soirĂ©e.

Mardi matin, malgré un léger lendemain de veille général (métier oblige!), nos apprentis bartenders avaient tout pour entretenir leur motivation durant leur Masterclass. Ils ont alors pu pratiquer leurs techniques de layering et déguster différents types de vin.

Dès mercredi, nos Ă©tudiants se sentaient dĂ©jĂ  plus Ă  l’aise derrière le bar, alors qu’ils apprenaient tout des martinis et effectuaient leurs premiers mouvements de flair.

Jeudi, nous avons clairement pu voir leur Ă©patante dĂ©termination Ă  devenir de bons bartenders, alors qu’ils pratiquaient leur speed round et marquaient des temps de services impressionnants.

La semaine tire maintenant Ă  sa fin. Et puisqu’Ă  cette heure prĂ©cise, ils en sont Ă  leur Ă©valuation finale, toute l’Ă©quipe tient Ă  leur souhaiter la meilleure des chances. Grâce Ă  eux, nous avons passĂ© une semaine mĂ©morable et nous avons dĂ©jĂ  hâte de travailler Ă  nouveau avec chacun d’entre eux, que ce soit lors d’un de nos Ă©vĂ©nements ou bien dans une autre formation plus avancĂ©e. Ă€ eux tous et aux autres futurs apprentis bartenders, nous vous disons: SantĂ©!

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