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Sweet on Sours.

Once you have a fresh sour, you will never go back to barmix!

Once you have a fresh sour, you will never go back to barmix!

With the diversity of liqueurs on the market today it is possible to make a drink taste like virtually anything. Distillers have made it easy for mixologists to shape the profile of a drink. With base flavours like vanilla, cacao and hazelnut, it’s no wonder drinks like the Crispy Crunch shooter are consistently popular. I often wonder how long it will take before we see a chocolate martini dessert, where the kitchen begins to mimic the flavours being produced on the bar instead of the other way around. Perhaps the service of fusion dishes in traditional bar glassware like wraps in oversized shooter glasses and dessert mousses in martini glasses is an indication that it’s already

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Cocktail Sizzle and Flair; I’ll Have What She’s Having…

Transcendent glassware and aesthetically appealing garnish will make a world of difference to your cocktails!

Transcendent glassware and aesthetically appealing garnish will make a world of difference to your cocktails!

Who could forget Meg Ryan‚Äôs performance in ‚ÄúWhen Harry Met Sally.‚ÄĚ Whether she‚Äôs having a Screaming Orgasm (one of this month‚Äôs featured cocktails), or your own house specialty, one thing is for sure ‚Äď your cocktails need to sizzle! Cocktail presentation and felicitous bartender training can make the difference between your guests leaving after one drink, or having your clients buzz around the water cooler about the amazing cocktail creation they had the night before.

Companies like Milestones and TGIFriday‚Äôs have made cocktail presentation and proper bartender training a cornerstone of their beverage program, not only by dressing up their cocktails, but by ‚Äúparading‚ÄĚ a tray of drinks through the dining room at eye level to take advantage of a little free on-site marketing. So what can you do to dress up your beverage program?

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Exotic Flavours of Summer!

Give your guests an experience by creating cocktails that scream summer!

Give your guests an experience by creating cocktails that scream summer!

How often have you sat with a group of friends in search of something new and exciting and ended up settling on the same old? How often have you asked your resident bartender for a suggestion and been given something truly different? With the arrival of summer patio season more and more people will be looking for a great patio to enjoy the sunshine and a cool cocktail with friends. There are more than a handful of options when it comes to the flavours, that will undoubtedly, dominate this summer’s exotic cocktail trends.

As the Canadian consumer continues to demand more than just beer, bartenders are becoming mixologists, and in many cases, bar chefs ‚Äď taking traditional culinary techniques and implementing them into their beverage programs. In a marketplace dominated by drinks that adhere to specific cost and speed of preparation margins, taking an extra few seconds and spending an extra few cents to handcraft a cocktail using top shelf ingredients can make the difference between clientele that will come back and customers who will keep searching for that elusive ‚Äúsomething different.‚ÄĚ

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Flair Bartender Profile- Up close and personal with Behnam Gerami

Name: Behnam Gerami
Nationality: United States
Age: 36
Years Bartending: 12(12 Flair)

I first met Behnam at the Flairco Cup back in 2006. I was always impressed by his style from watching videos of him, but when I watched him perform live, I was blown away. He is truly the roll master!

I recently caught up with Behnam and this is my interview with Behnam Gerami.

Q- When did you get into Flair bartending?
A- I started Flair bartending in 1998. I was working at a TGI Fridays, and they basically forced me to learn Flair, and there was a mandatory in store flair competition.

Q- Did you have a mentor when you first started?
A- My mentor at the time was Leigh Miller. I had a few TGI Fridays videos and he was the man at the time. Very smooth and original.

Q- Where are you currently working?
A- I am not currently working anywhere. I’m always looking for new opportunities.

Q-To date, what is your best Flair moment?
A- One of my best Flair moments was the first time I went to London for Roadhouse. I made the finals in 2004. Also, my first Legends of Bartending is very dear to me.

Q- To date, what is your worst Flair moment?
A- My worst Flair moment? Hmmm…there is no worst moment, but I am very upset about never making the finals at King of the Ring. It was a three day competition and I would always make the semi finals, but never the final round which is a big disappointment for me. It is the only comp that I never made the finals.

Q- What are your plans for the future?
A- My plans are to do a flair movie, or show to help grow Flair bartending. Also, I want to make another Area 51 DVD titled Area 52, so watch out for that!

Q- Other than yourself, who is your favourite Flair bartender?
A- Well I love Flair and many different styles, so my all time favourite Flair bartenders are Nicolas St. Jean, and the Delpech brothers. I love all the guys on Area 51, that’s why they’re on it, but I also love the Polish guys, Tomek and Merek. Danilo, Dyer, Rafa, and Sebastian to name a few. I hope to feature all of them on Area 52!

Q- Do you have a signature cocktail?
A- Well I have many signature cocktail, but one of my favourites is featured on the I Bar menu at the Rio in Las Vegas called “Darkness”.

Q- Do you have a least favourite cocktail?
A- My least favourite would be anything too sweet.

Q- Finally, what is you’re favourite Flair bar?
A- My favourite Flair bar is Carnaval Court. It’s been the best Flair bar for 10 years and it’s only been open for 9 years! I have the best time whenever I go there. Day shift or night shift it doesn’t matter. They’re the best group of guys because they’re more than just bartenders!

Thanks to Behnam for taking the time to do this interview.

We wish you the best of luck in all upcoming competitions and can’t wait for Area 52!

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BartenderOne Cocktails on ET Canada

Recently, BartenderOne teamed up with Fastlife, ¬†Canada’s most stylish speed dating¬†and singles’ events service, for a featured piece on Entertainment Tonight Canada.

The event, named Cocktail Creations, took place at one of Toronto’s elite Nightclub venues, Shmooze.

The evening began as ten single women, and ten single men arrived with hopes of meeting that special someone.   The idea was that the ladies would be behind the bar, making cocktails for their dates.  Every eight minutes the gong would sound signifying the men on the outside of the bar to grab their freshly made cocktail, and rotate to the next date. Every other date would have the ladies creating drinks using fresh ingredients.

To start off, the ladies would receive proper instruction on how to create the cocktail with a little flair from Gavin MacMillan and the BartenderOne team.  They would then recreate two of each drink. One for themselves, and one for their date.

On the menu for the event were drinks such as the Mojito, Cosmopolitan, Margarita, Orgasm, and a Slippery Nipple shooter.

All of the recipes were a huge success, but the biggest reaction was definitely  for the Slippery Nipple. Not for the name or the recipe, but because of how the shooters were to be taken.

The event planners set up a row of ten chairs and asked the men to take a seat.  Then, the shooters were handed out and the men were instructed to hold them between their knees.  The ladies were then told to take back the shooters but were not allowed to use their hands.  Not bad for a first date!

The evening continued on and it was obvious that the singles were loosening up and having a great time.

Some sparks were flying around the room, and a few couples were really hitting it off.

The Entertainment Tonight Canada cameras were there to capture the event in its entirety, including the shooter portion, which for some reason didn’t make it to air.

The episode aired on Friday January 8th, and both FastLife, and BartenderOne gained great exposure.

Thanks to Fastlife and ET Canada for another fantastic event!


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Flair Bartender Profile-Up close and personal with Dario Doimo

Name: Dario Doimo

Nationality: Italian

Age: 26

Years Bartending: 9 (8Flair)

After seeing Dario Doimo win Legends of Bartending 10, I really became a huge fan.

I got the chance to meet Dario Doimo for the first time at SuperFlair in Windsor Ontario in May of 2009.  That was an amazing competition which saw Dario place third in an all-star line up including Rodrigo Delpech, Danilo Oribe, and Vladymyr Buryanov to name a few.

I caught up with Dario again in September at Kahunaville in Las Vegas and saw him perform a flawless routine at his home bar as a part of the nightly shows they do.

Here is my interview with Dario Doimo.

Q- How did you get into Flair Bartending?

A-My brother got me into the world of Flair Bartending.  He took a Flair Bartending Class, and when I saw what you could do with a bottle and tin I was shocked!

Q- Where can people see you live in action?

A- I am working at Kahunaville at Treasure Island.

Q- Other than yourself, who is your favourite Flair Bartender?

A- ¬†Well, I don’t really have just one, but I respect people like Rodrigo Delpech and Danilo Oribe for their passion,and determination to win.

Q- What is your favourite Flair bar?

A- I enjoy every flair bar because it’s always a good time. ¬†Kahunaville is the place to be. ¬†They have Flair shows there 4 nights a week.

Q- To date, what is your greatest flair achievement?

A- For sure it was winning Legends of Bartending 10. ¬†Since I started flairing, I’ve always dreamt to win that one, and after a couple of years of hard work, I won! ¬†It’s a dream come true!

Thank you to Dario for taking the time to do this interview.  We hope to see some great things in the near future.

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Flair Bartender Profile: Newcomers to watch for-Zack Prohaska

Name: Zack Prohaska

Nationality: Canadian

Age: 28

Years Bartending: 6 (5 Flair)

I’ve known Zack for a few years now. ¬†He began his training in Toronto in 2004. ¬†Soon after, he moved to Osaka Japan where he worked for Sam and Daves and took his flair to the next level.

Zack is back in Toronto now training harder than ever, and plans to make a splash in the Pro Tour in 2010.

I had a chance to sit down with Zack at SuperFlair 2009. ¬†Here’s my interview with Zack Prohaska.

Q-When did you get into flair bartending?

A-I started getting into flair about five and a half years ago.

Q-Did you go to a Bartending school? And did you have a Mentor?

A-I heard an advertisement on the radio for the Movers’N'Shakers, and BartenderOne which is a bartending school in Toronto. ¬†There was a class taught by Gavin MacMillan. ¬†My Mentors would be all of my teachers. Gavin MacMillan, Matt Jones, Chris Cooper, and Koji from Japan.

Q-Where can people see you in action?

A-I’m working at the Loose Moose in Toronto Canada.

Q- To date, what is your favourite flair bartending moment?

A-So far, it would have to be winning the Suma Beach Flair competition in Japan in 2008.

Q-To date, what is your least favourite flair moment?

A-I was practicing an exhibition flair routine at work with a Bols Blue Curacao bottle and had an unexpected rooster tail fly all over a guests face and shirt…Awesome.

Q-What are some of your goals for the future?

A-I plan to make a run in the Pro Tour in 2010. Also, I would love to grow the sport of flair in Canada.

Q-Other than yourself, who is your favourite flair bartender?

A-Hmm, tough one. I like so many, but I’ll go with Rodrigo Delpech.

Q-Do you have a signature cocktail?

A-My fav drink to make is a Long Island Iced Tea, cause there’s so many different bottles to flip.

Q-What is your least favourite cocktail?

A-Easily the Boilermaker.

Q-What is your favourite flair bar?

A-The Loose Moose! Next to that would be Kahunaville in Vegas.

Thanks to Zack for taking the time to do this interview.

Good luck in 2010. Watch out Pro tour!

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Flair Bartenders Support Prostate Cancer Research

On November 25 2009, the Jack Astor’s Whitby location held their annual Flair Bartending Competition. ¬†This year, they coupled the show with a fundraiser in support of Movember.

Movember takes place throughout the month formerly known as November, where participants start with a clean shaven face, and  grow their moustaches in an effort to raise funds and awareness for Prostate Cancer research.

The evening started off quietly as Mo bros (guys with moustaches) began filing in with anticipation of a great night ahead.  There were even a few Mo sistas (ladies who love moustaches) who were sporting what I can only hope was a glue on moustache there as well!

As the crowd filled in, I could tell the bartenders were getting a little nervous.  For some, it was their first singles competition.

The lights dimmed, and the bartenders were introduced with great reception from an energetic crowd.

After the first competitor showed his stuff, the night began to run smoothly.

Between bartenders there were some prizes being given out, some live auctions, and even a best moustache competition.

The crowd favourite was defiantly the last bartender to go on. ¬†Known only as “the big Slovak”, he entertained the crowd with a three bottle routine, and ended with a four tin waterfall. Clearly taking home the 1st place trophy.

To finish off the night, I took to the stage to perform one of my routines, capped off by a martini head pour, and igniting the bar in flames.

In total, the evening raised over $1500 for Movember, and through the entire month, the Jack’s Whitby location raised over $5000, all of which went to Prostate Cancer Canada.

The BartenderOne Movember team has raised over $2500 so far and encourage people to do their part and support the cause.  Some of the proceeds from the BartenderOne DVD box set go directly to Prostate Cancer Canada in support of Movember.

Prostate Cancer Canada has raised over $5 Million during this years Movember campaign!

To make a donation to the BartenderOne team in support of Prostate Cancer research, visit the BartenderOne Movember page here.

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Flair Bartender Profile: Up close and Personal with Vladymyr Buryanov

Name: Vladymyr Buryanov

Nickname: “Ukrazian”

Nationality: Ukraninan

Age: 27

Years Bartending: 8 (6 Flairing)

Flair Accomplishments: First place Nations 2007, 5 time Ukrainian Champion, 1st ever Big Kahuna Flair Smackdown Grand Champion 2008.

I got to meet Vladymyr for the first time at Superflair in Windsor Ontario in May of ’09, ¬†where he put on a fantastic show and finished 4th in an all-star line up which included Rodrigo Delpech, Danilo Oribe, and Dario Doimo to name a few.

Earlier this year I had a chance to meet up with him again on his home turf at Kahunaville in Las Vegas. Here is my interview with Vladymyr Buryanov.

Q- When did you get into Flair bartending?

A- I started flairing about 6 years ago.

Q- What prompted you to start flipping bottles, and did you have a mentor?

A- I started bartending in a local hotel in the Ukraine where I grew up. ¬†There was a guy there that knew a couple of flair moves, so he showed me a few and I became good at them quickly and wanted to learn more. ¬†There was no one else in my town to learn from, so I started watching DVD’s of Flair competitions to learn some basic moves. Then I took it from there and taught myself.

Q- Where are you currently working?

A- I am employed at Kahunaville in Las Vegas.

Q- To date, what is your best flair moment?

A- Winning Nations in 2007 was great!  The money was good, but the competition was even greater!  It felt amazing when all that hard work I put into flair allowed me to beat some of the guys I have always  looked up to in flair.

Q- To date, what is your worst flair moment?

A- Nations 2008.  It was the first time in my career that I did not make the finals.

Q- What are your goals for the future?

A- I still hope to compete for at least another 5 years. ¬†I enjoy it, and practicing is still fun for me. ¬†As for life beyond flair, my wife and I have our ideas, but we still haven’t made our final decision yet.

Q- Other than yourself, who is your favourite flair bartender?

A- My wife.  Terri Leeseberg-Buryanova.  I believe her being a flair bartender also is the only reason I have found someone I can have a family with, and who is also understanding about how much time I need to practice.

Q- Do you have a signature cocktail?

A- I enjoy making different drinks.  Mostly based on fresh berries and fruits.

Q- Least favourite cocktail?

A- All Martinis.

Q- What is your favourite Flair bar?

A- Kahunaville at T.I.(Treasure Island). I don’t get a chance to work there too often, but there are flair shows there four nights a week. ¬†The shows allow me to get on stage and practice routines all the time.

Thanks Vladymyr for taking the time to do this interview.  We hope to see you back up in Canada for next years Superflair.

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Flair Bartending at City Chase Competition Toronto

Two weeks ago, BartenderOne was asked to host one of the challenges in this years City Chase Toronto.

City Chase is based on the Amazing Race concept, where teams of two, compete to complete 10 tasks (out of a list of 40) in the fastest time possible.  The tasks are scattered all over Toronto, and contestants are given a clue sheet as to where the tasks may be located.  Team are permitted to walk, run, or take public transit.  Wheels such as bikes, or roller blades are not permitted, as well as any form of private transportation, such as cars, motorcycles, etc.

The winners of this race will receive new Blackberry phones, and qualify for the National finals where they will have a chance to win a 2010 Mitsubishi Lancer!

The BartenderOne challenge was simple. ¬†Make a Cosmopolitan with a little working flair. ¬†First, I instructed one of the team members how to make the cocktail, then I showed the other how to toss a rocks glass from their right hand to left behind the back, and finally how to pour a Cosmo into the glass…on their head!

Some teams caught on quickly during the training, and had little trouble executing the moves.  Other teams had great difficulty with this challenge, costing them valuable time in the race.  A few contestants even poured the cocktail  directly on their face, missing the glass entirely!   However difficult it proved to be for some teams, we did not have any teams leave without completing the task.

Whether they got it on the first or second try, or they spilled all over themselves, every contestant that stopped by appeared ¬†to really enjoy the challenge and that’s what it’s all about.

The event was a great success, and I would definitely like to compete in the race next year.

BartenderOne was happy to be a part of this event.

To compete in upcoming City Chase events, click here to register.


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