Walking on a Cloud…Behind the Bar!

“Shoes can ruin your shift quicker than a night of lousy tips”! Stated by Tessa McLean in her recent article “What Bartenders Need Most from their Work Shoes”. Nothing is worse then, when your feet hurt so much from your shoes that you can’t even think of what goes in a rum and coke! Make a pact for yourself that this will never happen to you. It’s a simple fix!… Invest in a pair of comfortable, waterproof, non-slip shoes that suit you. Yes this is possible! McLean’s article describes the do’s and don’ts as well as, suggestions for footwear. Looking to learn the art of bartending so you can make your Bartender Footwear Purchase? Enrol in a BartenderOne MasterClass or Bartender 101 Certification Program. You will learn the craft of bartending in a hands on, positive, fun environment and a place to try out your new Shoes!

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