Happy “May Day” Everyone!

We’ve made it through the April showers and now it time for those lovely May flowers and Floral Martinis! May 1st is the day that the ancient pegan festival is celebrated- “May Day” by those all around the northern hemisphere. ” “May Day” is all about welcoming the spring, chasing away evil spirits, and in Germany, relief that Witches’ Night, or Walpurgisnacht, is over. The Floral Martini is the drink of choice today because..”the earliest May Day celebrations can be tried back to Floral, or festival of Flora, which was held to worship the Roman goddess of flowers.” Read further about he “May Day” festivities and find a Floral Martini recipe here and celebrate the rise of spring!  Let BartenderOne host your May festivities this month! Need a bartender who flairs and will create a spectacle at your spring get together? Contact BartenderOne today to book these incredible bartenders and enjoy some delicious spring cocktails made just for you and your guests! 

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