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Walking on a Cloud…Behind the Bar!

Tuesday, May 28th, 2019

“Shoes can ruin your shift quicker than a night of lousy tips”! Stated by Tessa McLean in her recent article “What Bartenders Need Most from their Work Shoes”. Nothing is worse then, when your feet hurt so much from your shoes that you can’t even think of what goes in a rum and coke! Make a pact for yourself that this will never happen to you. It’s a simple fix!… Invest in a pair of comfortable, waterproof, non-slip shoes that suit you. Yes this is possible! McLean’s article describes the do’s and don’ts as well as, suggestions for footwear. Looking to learn the art of bartending so you can make your Bartender Footwear Purchase? Enrol in a BartenderOne MasterClass or Bartender 101 Certification Program. You will learn the craft of bartending in a hands on, positive, fun environment and a place to try out your new Shoes!

Your Dream Job Awaits!

Thursday, May 23rd, 2019

Do these jobs requirements interest you?

-“Willing to commute by boat or paddle board, even when the weather is a little too beautiful to go to work

-Eager to chat to locals and tourists alike and get to know them over a cool bottle of local beer

-Manage the music playlist to ensure chilled beats are playing at all times

-Throw the occasional fish to the resident pelicans, who gave the bar its name

-Welcome passing boats looking for a refreshment with a smile

-Able to multitask‚ÄĒit can be tricky to hand out beer and appreciate the glistening turquoise water at the same time”

Yes? Well then Floyd Forbes owner of Floyd’s Pelican Bar in Jamaica has just the offer for you! As explained in an¬†article by Tessa McLean, Mr. Forbes has been working at his bar for 8 years straight and he needs a break. His wish is to pass over the torch to a lucky bartender for a week! If bartending in paradise sounds like your dream job but have no clue how to bartend or would like to brush upon your skills..BartenderOne has just the course for you! Click here and enrol in our MasterClass to get you prepared, ready and confident behind the bar! The only thing we don’t provide is sun screen.

May 15th is a Day of Celebration for 2 Reasons…

Wednesday, May 15th, 2019

First off, Happy National Chocolate Chip Day! Yes that’s right May 15th marks the day, chocolate lovers celebrate chocolate chips. Secondly, in 1905 on May 15th, the city of ¬†bright lights and entertainment- Las Vegas was born! We have just the cocktails to honour and celebrate these two occasions. Starting with a Death by Chocolate Cocktail this baileys, chocolate infused bevy will be sure to get you in the chocolate mood! Secondly, in celebration of Las Vegas’s birth, what better cocktail than the Rat Pack Manhattan. Want to celebrate these occasions but a little unsure of how to mix up these great cocktails? BartenderOne has just the solution for you! Sign up for a Get Into the Spirit Workshop where you will learn in a fun, positive and encouraging environment how to create a perfectly balanced and delicious cocktail. Enrol here!¬†

All Aboard!!…

Friday, May 3rd, 2019

All aboard the Jose Cuervo “All You Can Drink Tequila Train!” Recently Jose Cuervo launched a beautiful vacation package where you and your guest will board a “luxury train ride” leaving from Guadalajara ¬†and arriving in lovely Tequila. Along the way you will have the opportunity to tour the distillery, attend a “cultural show”, take part in a “professional tasting” and lastly have access to an open bar! The base price to book your Tequila Train Package is $111. To help get you in the Tequila “spirit” enrol in a Get int the Spirit Workshop or book a private Tequila Team Building Event with BartenderOne and get your taste buds and knowledge ready!¬†

A Rum and Coke Will Never Be the Same!

Thursday, May 2nd, 2019

Coca-Cola strengthened their relationship with bartenders yesterday as they launched a brand new line of Coca-Cola beverages starting in Western Europe called “Coca-Cola Signature Mixers”. Four different taste profiles were created with the “help of leading bartenders”, each harbouring the classic Coca-Cola flavour- however, each with a refined taste to pair with certain spirits. ¬†No.1 is a “Smoky”- great with Bourbon and Aged Rum. No 2. Spicy- wonderful when paired with Scotch Whisky or Tequila Reposado & Anejo. No 3. Herbal Notes- excellent with Cognac and Scotch Whisky. Lastly, No 4. Woody Notes- fantastic when paired with Bourbon, straight Rye Whiskey and Spiced Rum. There is much to be explored when using these new “Dark Mixers for Dark Spirits”. Let BartenderOne be your guide for pairing these new signature mixers! Enrol in a Get Into the Spirit Workshop and learn about what a “Cube Libre” really is and how to create perfectly balanced and delicious cocktails with our classic “Coca-Cola”!¬†

Happy “May Day” Everyone!

Wednesday, May 1st, 2019

We’ve made it through the April showers and now it time for those lovely May flowers and Floral Martinis! May 1st is the day that the ancient pegan festival is celebrated- “May Day” by those all around the northern hemisphere. ” “May Day” is all about welcoming the spring, chasing away evil spirits, and in Germany, relief that Witches’ Night, or Walpurgisnacht, is over. The Floral Martini is the drink of choice today because..”the earliest May Day celebrations can be tried back to Floral, or festival of Flora, which was held to worship the Roman goddess of flowers.” Read further about he “May Day” festivities and find a Floral Martini recipe here and celebrate the rise of spring! ¬†Let BartenderOne host your May festivities this month! Need a bartender who flairs and will create a spectacle at your spring get together? Contact BartenderOne today to book these incredible bartenders and enjoy some delicious spring cocktails made just for you and your guests!¬†