Someone Say Wheat Straws?

It’s only a matter of time before plastic straws will be obsolete, let’s hope that’s sooner than later!

After several articles and the media revealing how harmful plastic straws are to our environment, this astonishing and alarming news ignited  many companies and individual’s imagination. How else can straws be manufactured? What other materials can be used to create the simple straw? Glass has become a material option as well as paper, and even candy! Each having their flaws: either remembering to bring your glass straw, or having your straw disintegrate. However, Roger Dipper and Ben Lockwood may have created the next best straw option! These two gentlemen are the founders of The Wheat Straw Company in the UK. They have invented a wheat straw that is “It’s 100% compostable, It’s 100 % natural, chemical and gluten free and non-porous”.  Looking to make a difference in your workplace? Are you already a bartender looking to brush up your skills or brand new to the bartending scene? Enrol in a BartenderOne MasterClass and become a bartender who can bring change into their workplace and promote the use of environmentally friendly straws!

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