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Meet the Winners of the Blazers Challenge 2.5

Wednesday, December 18th, 2013



Shanele, Monique, Lyndsey and Kassandra: You better remember their names because these ladies will be rocking the Torontonian bartending scene in a few months. These four girls were a real headache for the judges of the BartenderOne Blazers Challenge 2.5, their respective scores made it quite difficult to pick the two winners, so in order to be fair opted for selecting three winners and a runner-up.

Now, they will not only get an apprenticeship at College Street Bar to hone their skills learning from some of the best bartenders in Toronto but they will also receive a VIP invitation to take part in the Blazers Challenge Winter Finals in January

As you can see from this chart, many elements were taken into account: from pour accuracy to attitude with guests to cleanliness and awareness. Their efforts to promote their participation were crucial in selecting the finalists. Nowadays, with thousands of venues competing for clients, bartenders have to develop their best marketing and promotional skills to build up a loyal and reliable clientele. This makes the difference for a bartender in keeping his super-star status at the bar or start looking for a new job every couple months and these ladies are the living proof.

It is a trend now that women usually rank first in the Blazers Challenge and we are very happy about this. Don’t get us wrong. BartenderOne is all about gender equality when it comes to training bartenders but while it is true that women have a significantly bigger presence in the bartending industry it is also true that the higher the level of the competition the lower is the number of female bartenders participating. Toronto, Canada and the World need more female mixologists, female flair bartenders and even more female bar owners, and we are very proud we are contributing to this change.

Remember to show up at College Street Bar and try one of the delicious cocktails Lyndsey, Shanelle , Monique & Kassandra will be preparing in the following weeks, it’s an opportunity to taste a unique creation while supporting female bartending in Toronto.

Fastest Bartender in the World… how many drinks can he make?

Monday, December 16th, 2013

One of the first lessons aspiring bartenders learn at BartenderOne  is that speed is a crucial skill to succeed in this profession, having a long line of thirsty and annoyed clients at your well is one of the fastest ways to find yourself looking for another job.

Now, if you wanna see a REALLY fast bartender you might  consider swinging by Spearmint Rhino, in Las Vegas on your next night out.

The reason? Erik Mora, a bartender at this gentlemen’s club, claimed the title of the world’s fastest bartender last week after setting a new Guinness World Record for the most cocktails prepared in one hour.

Mora poured the astounding among of 1,559 drinks in 60 minutes, shattering the previous record of 1,003 cocktails set by a New York bartender in 2011.

As if breaking the previous record was no challenge enough, the competition demanded more mixological skill than whipping up a big batch of scotch and sodas. To qualify for the record, Mora had to pour drinks with no fewer than three ingredients and at least one alcohol — and no cocktail could be repeated.

Guinness adjudicator Philip Robertson deemed Mora’s attempt worthy, announcing the final tally of 1,559 at the end of the tense hour and awarding the bartender with an official title and a certificate.

The 31-year-old Mora, who has worked as a bartender at Spearmint Rhino for the past decade, says his feat has been several years — and thousands of drinks — in the making.

“I thought about breaking it two years ago and then applied this past January for the Guinness World Record, and now all my hard work has paid off,” he said. “I feel like I am the world’s fastest bartender.”

Now you know it, speed makes the bartender…. will the next Guinness World Record come from BartenderOne? We are sure that will happen!

Toronto VS Montreal… The Challenge is ON

Wednesday, December 11th, 2013



Toronto and Montreal have a historic tivalry… from Politics to Hockey the two largest cities in Canada are sworn adversaries, Toronto considers itself the Canadian New York while Montreal proudly boasts as the most european city in North America. Now, a new chapter for this rivalry has started. Welcome to the B1 Beat The Move Challenge the quest to find the best flair bartenders in Canada.

BartenderOne Toronto Flair Gurus, which are in good part responsible for the growing awareness about flair bartender in this Country want to push flair culture further. Every two weeks a new B1 Flair instructor will be posting a new Flair Move, flair bartenders – like our friends as our friends at BartenderOne Montreal-  have those two weeks to come up with a reply, the challenge: replying with an even better move. When one of the sides can’t come up with a decent reply and increase the difficulty it will automatically lose and the other side will get the glory of being crowned as B1BeatTheMove Champion

This Challenge is open to any Flair Bartender in the World willing to demonstrate that they can beat our Flair Instructors. It’s time for the world to know that flair bartending is back and that the best flair bartenders this planet has seen come from Canada.  Follow our Instagram account @BARTENDERONETO and get into the challenge using the hashtag #B1BeatTheMove

Now you know it, grab those bottles and tins and start flipping

… the glory belongs to those who grab life by the horns and a bottle by the neck.

Bartender Christmas: Generous mysterious man wanders around leaving massive tips

Thursday, December 5th, 2013

It seems Christmas came early for a number of fortunate bartenders who have received the visit of a mysterious patron leaving generous gratuities across the United States signing each receipt with the cryptic Instagram account name @TipsForJesus.

A bartender in Phoenix, Micah Olson found out about this mysterious man when after serving a couple rounds of drinks he discovered they had left a $2,500 tip on his $530 bill.

The mysterious man’s Instagram account doesn’t reveal too much either, with one lone message “Doing the Lord’s work, one tip a time”  it’s hard to know what are the intentions behind this modern Samaritan.

Reports indicate he has been spotted in bars and restaurants along the West Coast, the Pacific Northwest and several MidwesternStates leaving tips that range from $500 to $10,000

Another lucky bartender who got a $3,000 on a $87 bill declares that when he asked the mysterious patron why he was doing this he simply said it was a way to say thank you for the good beer recommendations.

Aside from the fact that all bills are paid with the famous Black Card from American Express, reserved for its elite customers and that he is polite and well mannered few other clues appear that can indicate who this generous gentleman is. But we are sure of one thing, we hope this guy decides to cross the border and spread his generosity in the maple leaf land.

Original Source:

TODAY News Online “Tips for Jesus” spreads the wealth in massive restaurant tips.


The new bartender’s best friend? An app to catch fake ID’s

Monday, December 2nd, 2013

Fake ID’s are a precious investment for many youngsters desperate to get their hands on a cold pint of beer and a big headache for the industry. Bar owners, bartenders and security team learn that failing to identify a fake ID may result in severe penalizations, fines and the potential loss of their license

This makes the constant challenge between bar staff and clients something close to a delicious game of chess where each opponent tries different moves to outsmart the other: every day, enthusiast college students show up at the bar flashing their newest $150 fake ID to permanently skeptical bartenders.

Well… bad news smart kids. A new jewel is here to help catch every underage drinker wannabe and send them back home until they are old enough to deserve that pint.

An American Company, Intellicheck Mobilisa created an app, BarZapp which scans a driver’s license’s barcode and verifies encoded information displaying the card owner’s name, date of birth, ID expiration and ID number.  Identities are confirmed—or not, in the case of a fake ID. Photos of sample IDs from the appropriate state are able to be shown to aid further visual inspection, which is far quicker than reviewing a book of sample ID’s –

The best part? It costs only $1.99 on iTunes. Although the company announced that bar and restaurant owners will need to purchase annual or monthly licenses, this is still a pretty good deal for bartenders to cover their butts.

Not only this but the BarZapp keeps track of bargoers, so it can identify who has been given the lifetime boot from a particular establishment. Could you ask more?

Evidently, this app will trigger a response from the vast industry of falsification which surely will come with a way around BarZapp, but in this moment we can say… sorry kids, probably next year.