What is the most effective way to get a bartender’s attention in a crowded bar?

Going to your favorite bar or club is as you may already know, one challenge after the other. Choosing the rights clothes, handling the logistics to get there, going through the bouncer’s filter. But probably, the biggest challenge is when you get to the bar and you are competing with another 50 thirsty throats for the bartender’s attention.

This issue has been around since bars exist, but now science comes to our help. Behavioral researchers from the BielefeldUniversity in Germany sat down and figured out the best and worst tactics using body language when ordering a drink. After analyzing 105 customer attempts to order drinks in nightclubs in Germany and Scotland, they looked at what the customers were doing in the 35 seconds before being served. Their conclusion: The most effective strategy is to stand squarely to the bar and look directly at the bartender as he/she moved around. You need to do both to communicate you’re “bidding for attention.”

Looking at the bartender was successful in 86% of the orders. Leaning on the bar happened infrequently but also seemed to high a high strike rate when it did happen.

The findings were used to produce an update to the robotic bartender’s programming to allow it to ask customers if they would like a drink when they display the right body language.

The researchers also, isolated a few tactics that definitely DO NOT WORK. These included squeezing in between other customers (you might end up waiting even longer), leaning on the bar, looking at a menu or the drinks available, or looking at money. The study also reported that waving money is a surefire way of not getting served.

What you think of this research, do you think there is any other tactic they missed?  Share the secret and help your fellow partygoers get their alcohol faster.

Original Source

The Telegraph Online ‘How to use body language to get served first at a bar”


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