What is the best Canadian beer?



Canada is a country with a long tradition for high quality beer. Despite not being among the top ten consumer countries in the world, Canadians are known to be fiercely loyal to their national brands.

What do you think are the elements a Canadian beer must possess to be considered among the best?  Taste, availability nationwide, connection to national and regional identity and a historical lineage are among the most important elements to take into consideration.

Here we share what the ultra popular men lifestyle website Askmen.com consider to be the top 10 beers in Canada.


 Labatt 50

The beer was first brewed to celebrate 50 years of partnership between John and Hugh Labatt. Nowadays, most people either buy it ironically or to ensure no one will steal it from the fridge at parties.



Molson Dry

Described as a smooth, clean beer that boasts no after taste, Molson Dry remains one of that venerable old company’s strongest brands.





Produced from the pristine waters at the Purcell Mountains in B.C, Kokanee has been brewed since 1959 and it still remains BC’s most popular beer and has become one of the best Canadian beers on the west coast.


La Fin Du Monde

This beauty is a triple-fermented golden ale that boasts an impressive 9% alcohol by volume. Beer experts recommend serving it with gourmet dishes and fine cheeses, as opposed to the nachos and pork rinds that are served with most mass-produced beers.




Sleeman’s Honey Brown Lager  

George Sleeman started making beer way back in the 1800s, and this is a delicious addition to his impressive stable of brews.




Alexander Keith’s India Pale Ale

This clean, full-bodied beer was originally brewed for British soldiers serving over in India. It grew in popularity among the chronically soused fighting men, and with so many of them stationed in Halifax, Nova Scotia, it made sense to begin brewing it there.




This cold, fresh lager -housed in its trademark green bottle- was actually first brewed in Canada way back in 1867 by a woman named Susannah Oland. She sailed over from England armed with a recipe for a tasty October Ale. The rest, as they say, is Canadian beer history.


molson export


Molson Export

To the average, unappreciative Canadian beer drinker, Molson Ex is just another generic ale from a mega-brewery. To the judges of the Monde Selection Beer Festival, however, it’s a gold medal-worthy brew.

canadianmolson                                                                                                                                          Molson Canadian

Despite its unfair reputation as a plebeian beer, Canadian isn’t just a good beer (2003 North American Beer Awards’ Gold Medal winner in the lager category), it has also been part of the canadian drinking heritage for generations.



Labatt Blue

Originally marketed as Labatt Pilsner, but fans began calling it ”Blue” for both the colour of its label and the company’s support of the Winnipeg Blue Bombers. Savvy marketing execs picked up on this and the name was officially changed.   No other beer has woven its way into the Canadian cultural mosaic more than Labatt Blue (or Bleue as our French-speaking brothers say it). From callous-handed East Coast fishermen to tree-hugging hippies out west, Labatt Blue is almost universally enjoyed (or at least tolerated) by all us Canucks.


Now you know which are the best beers this noble land can offer, grab your wallet, hit your favourite bar and approve or dissaprove this list by yourself.

See you behind the bar!!!



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