Toronto’s best bartenders pouring with a purpose…


Last night we had a chance to experience another premium event at College Street Bar: The Uptown VS Downtown Throwdown.

With all the bartending and mixology competitions  going around Toronto you may wonder what made this one so special. Well, it was not only having some of the best bartenders in Toronto at the same place against each other to find which side of town produces the most talented bar artists, nor the amazing quality of the cocktails presented throughout the competition, it was the unique feeling of seeing bartenders push their creativity and skill to the maximum just ignited for the passion they share for cocktails, bartending and mixology.

Eight bartenders contended in a head to head black box cocktail challenge (ingredients / spirits revealed just before participating) in the following order:

Round 1- Elly Ball VS Erin Petty

Round 2- Rob Montgomery VS Oliver Stern

Round 3- Rob Renda VS Reed Pettit

Round 4- Robin Goodfellow VS Gavin Macmillan

It is worth mentioning that for Elly Ball (proud Bartenderone and College Street Bar talent) this was her first competition ever. After a meteoric rise from student just a few months ago, this young lady has proven herself and consolidated her place as a promising instructor and mixologist.


The final battle took place between Rob Renda from College Street Bar and Rob Montgomery from the Miller Tavern and the decision was given the attending public to decide the winner.

In the end Rob Montgomery was proclaimed champion for second occasion in a row. Downtown prevails as the home for the best bartenders in Toronto


The Uptown VS Downtown Throwdown is consolidating as  the underground arena for Toronto’s best bartenders. A perfect lair for the community to polish their mixology skills with the brightest talents in this city. If you feel you have what it takes to be part of this… we’ll see you behind the bar.

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