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Aushentoshan Switch Competition August 12th!

Tuesday, August 13th, 2013

Last night I attended the Regional finals (as a spectator, this time) of the Toronto Heats for the Aushentoshan Switch Competition at Rock Lobster Restaurant in Toronto! It was a great turnout of both industry-folk and friends of the bartenders. I would of been a competitor in this mixology competition as well…probably… but my submission did not get to them in time. Ah, such is life. But I’m glad it turned out the way it did, because I would of gotten WHOMPED at this event. Here’s why:

There were some big names present like Michael Webster of Bar Isabel, Adrien Stein of Rock Lobster, and even David Mitton, known to judge competitions like this, was stretching his competition muscles once again. Alongside these industry leaders were some up and comers like  Adam Vogler and Aaron Male. I was quite impressed with the caliber of cocktails and the choices the Mixologists made for their creation.

In the end, second place was awarded to Michael Webster with first place taken by Vincent Pollard! Vincent happens to be a former student of BartenderOne School. At the event, him and I got to reminisce on how his bartending career as grown and he mentioned that it started when I, personally, taught him. I see and meet a lot of people, so I at first I was very humbled, but I definitely remember Vincent from a Get Into The Spirit workshop he attended one evening at BartenderOne.

That’s how it all starts folks.  I say this to all my students: all I hope is that they take one new idea or concept away from a class/lecture/workshop/bartender training that I, or any one of the BartenderOne instructors, teach you. That’s my passion and my reward, and to see it in practice at Toronto Competitions that I attend is heart-warming. Maybe that sounds a little conceited, but that’s why I became an instructor: to make better bartenders, and it’s happening. Oh, it’s happening. Congratulation All!