Bloody Good Spirit Launch Party, Bulldog Gin is finally in Canada!!!


There are some untouchable things for an English; The Queen, The Union Jack and his favourite football team, yet there are few things as sacred for an English as  Gin.

Altough born in the Netherlands Gin quickly became one of the identity symbols for English drinking tradition with the gin and tonic as one of its many flags. Yet despite this extense heritage, until recent times Gin has been one spirit still relatively unknown on this side of the Atlantic.

Flavoured with juniper berries and a collection of botanical ingredients, Gin stands out as one of the most versatile spirits; although many people enjoy it straight Gin also offers an unlimited potential for cocktails.

Last night at College Street Bar, we took part in a new chapter on the history of Gin in Canada. Bulldog Gin, one of the most awarded Gin brands in recent years. Made from Norfolk wheat from the East Anglia region, Britain´s purest water from Wales and a distinctive blend of 12 botanicals from 8 countries across the world finally crossed the border and started it´s journey in the land of the Maple Leaf.

With two signature complimentary cocktails and the talent from the College Street Bar staff, the Bloody Good Spirit Launch Party turned out to be a tremendous success. A sexy crowd in the dance floor sipping their Raspeberry Fields Forever and Abbey Gimlet cocktails joined us in the beginning of this adventure. The task ahead is not easy; with a potential market of almost 10 million consumers per year and some serious competition Bulldog Gin has a lot of work to do to conquer Canadian´s hearts and minds. Nonetheless, tasting the cocktails from last night we are sure they will reach their objective and ignite the Gin passion in each and every corner of this country.

See you behind the bar!

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