Bartenderone @ Brock University

Recently Bartenderone launched its University Tour initiative up at Brock University’s 2011 Vendor Fair.  About 5 years ago we tested the water at Guelph University with a two day condensed version of the Bartenderone Masterclass and it was a great success.  Since then the Bartenderone Masterclass has quickly evolved into the most sought after bartending certificate in Canada.  What makes Bartenderone different?  What makes them better than the competition? 



¬† Unlike other bartending schools, Bartenderone‚Äôs focus is not on trying spirits and drinks and leaving class ‚Äúhalf in the bag‚ÄĚ and unable to retain any information that you learned.¬†¬†The focus is on understanding spirit profiles and executing cocktails with the concepts of synergy, accuracy, and speed being the main emphasis.¬†Sprinkle in some valuable wine knowledge and high impact, low risk flair techniques and our graduates are better prepared than any others entering into the hospitality industry.


Being a University graduate myself I can understand and relate to the day to day financial struggles of a student with a full course load.¬† Entering my second year at Guelph University my steady diet of Chunky soup and Mr. Noodles became very tiresome and I was becoming very weary of my increasing student debt.¬† Like most other students my only solution was to find a part time job to assist me with my problem.¬†While home for¬†Christmas break I attended bartending school in Toronto at Bartenderone and became one of the first graduates of the program.¬† This certification allowed me to go back to Guelph and immediately find a job barbacking.¬† Although I wasn‚Äôt making ‚Äúrockstar‚ÄĚ bartender money at first, barbacking was a great stepping stone for me and put a steady flow of money in my pocket to help me survive.¬† By third year, after a lot of hardwork and patience, I was bartending 3 nights a week and paying my rent in one week worth of tips!¬† All of a sudden I had a large amount of disposable income at my fingertips and the prospect of eliminating my student debt while still a student became a very real possibility!¬† Being very conscious of the poor spending habits of my past I put in place a very simple plan to save money that I learned while attending bartending school.¬† The result was one year of barbacking, two years of high volume bartending experience, and zero student debt when I graduated!¬† There are many part-time jobs available to post secondary students but none of them compare to the potential money you can make once you work in a tip friendly environment!¬† Bartending proved so lucrative for me that I became a full-time instructor and mixologist with Bartenderone.¬† Work smarter not harder!

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