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Time Speeding By

As the wheels of time go by, my role with BartenderOne presents me with amazing opportunities at every turn, this is one very special example…

Seven months ago I was enjoying a casual pint at the Loose Moose after an exciting flair event for BartenderOne, when my good friend and resident bartender Jenna Inglis approached me and asked if I was interested in being a part of her charity event. I immediately responded with a YES before even knowing any of the details, head first, right into the deep end! One pint naturally led to another and another. The next morning amidst a giant headache I was reminded of what I had commited to the night before. After hearing all the details I was very excited and happy to be part of such an amazing experience, and wanted to work further with Jenna to make the charity event one to remember.

As the Love Childrens International Foundation fundraiser approached, I was asked to create a Thai inspired cocktail which lead to some unique and unusual cocktail development at the BartenderOne office. I came up with a Thai Mangotini which included vodka, Thai chili/lemon grass syrup, mango juice, fresh kiwi and Thai basil with a sugar rimmed glass.

Thai Mangotini

The day of the fundraiser finally arrived and the Loose Moose was buzzing with energy, with everyone very busy tying up loose ends to get ready for the big night! Amidst the chaos, Jenna kept a calm presence about her, thanks, in part to the delicious Thai Mangotini in her hand! The evening went off without a hitch with lots of artwork being sold, an abundance of BartenderOne Thai mangotinis being pumped out by myself, and a fantastic flair show by TFL co-founder Zack Prohaska. In the end the fundraiser raised over $3000, and it was an amazing experience to be a part of! I look forward to continuing BartenderOne’s ongoing commitment to offering free high end bartending services to chosen charities and the local community

Stay Thirsty,

Jay Patience

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