Bar Chef Finals Spring 2011

Have you ever tasted a cocktail and thought hmmm I could definitely do a better job myself? Or maybe you have envisioned what you suspected to be delicious mouth-watering cocktails with ingredients one may never normally use in the bar? Six experienced bartenders from Toronto decided to bite the bullet on the evening of May 30th for the spring finals of the International Bartender Certification and each created some masterpieces that tantalised the judges’ taste buds on the night.

IBC Finals Spring 2011

Over the course of five weeks these bartenders attended the BartenderOne IBC course as students and tasted over three hundred different spirits, bitters, liqueurs, sweeteners, infused foams & spirits and alternate types of citrus and cocktails.

Following on from the Winter Finals 2011, the students had to enter a cocktail into each of the six spirit categories for examination. The students were allowed to incorporate any ingredient they desired into the cocktails the only stipulation being that they needed to adhere to the traditional balanced cocktail theory which they had guidelines for, but the exciting element was that there were no rules in regards to presentation or flavour profiles so it gave these aspiring mixologists plenty of room for experimentation!

Judging the cocktails on the night were three of Toronto’s top mixologists, Rob Montgomery, Scott McMaster and BartenderOne`s very own Gavin MacMillan and the verdict overall was extremely positive. Once again the students did not fail to exceed expectations with their different methods of experimentation and below we have just a selection of the cocktails that were created on the night:

Lorian Hennessy Blue Brandy Cocktail

Hennessy Blue – Brandy Cocktail
15 ml Blueberry Brandy Reduction
15 ml Date Syrup
45 ml Hennessy Black Cognac
Chocolate Sea Salt Air

Alysha Strawberry 5 Peppercorn Caipirinha

Strawberry 5 Peppercorn Caipirinha – Rum Cocktail
2oz Cachaça
1 whole lime
30ml of fresh strawberries
2 bar spoons of sugar
2oz Chasers Strawberry 5 Peppercorn
Garnish strawberry on muddler with cracked black pepper

Jeannine Nanas Garden Cocktail

Nana’s Garden – Vodka Cocktail
2oz Vodka
1oz Lillet
1 Bar spoon Simple Syrup
2oz Homemade Rhubarb mix
Stir in boston glass
Double strain over ice into 2 glasses.
Add Rhubarb Bitters to taste
8 stalks rhubarb
3Table spoons Rose water
6 Lime leaves
Boil till rhubarb is mushy. Extract all juice discard rest of mush.

Tyler - Stealth Bomber Cocktail

Stealth Bomber – Whisky Cocktail
40 ml Order of Merit Schenley 15 year Canadian Whisky
20 ml Kahlua
15 ml lemon juice
3 ml maraschino
Place all ingredients in a shaker with ice.
Double strain into a Coop glass.
Flamed orange twist for garnish.

Matt - A Kiss with a Squeeze Cocktail

A Kiss with a Squeeze – Vodka Cocktail
4 3/4-inch cubes of Granny Smith apple, skin on, muddled with 1/2 barspoon of sugar
45ml Pear, Cinnamon, Vanilla infused Stolichnaya Vodka
60ml Mullins Ontario Organic Apple Cider
1 dash Angostura Aromatic bitters
22.5ml Fresh Squeezed Grapefruit juice

Israel Mexican Taste Cocktail

Mexican Taste – Tequila Cocktail
2oz. Tequila
3 oz. Sugar cane juice
0.25 oz. Agave syrup
3 oz. Egg White
3 oz. Cactus (nopal) extract
10 gr. Sugar
0.1 oz. Angostura bitter

Congratulations to Alysha Chiappetta for getting the highest the highest marks in this seasons IBC and we look forward to hopefully seeing her create some phenomenal cocktails at our BartenderOne Graduate Party on July 14th! For more IBC future dates check out here!

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