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A study was done in the bar industry with the purpose to find out what colour is the most effective to drive sales. Without question, the overwhelming result proved that blue was the way to go. As a bartender, if I make a blue cocktail such as a Banana Popsicle martini, or a Blue cosmo, without fail someone will see it and come up to my bar and ask for “that blue drink”.

Bombay Sapphire has done an excellent job at marketing their product by packaging it in the sexy blue bottle, making it one of the leading gin brands in the world.

Hypnotiq is another brand that has packaged their product in a sleek, blue design, and it is one of the most popular liqueurs on the market today. Nothing looks better on a lit-up back bar than a bottle of Hypnotiq or Bombay Sapphire.


In a search to find a “strong” cocktail, my guests will often ask me what is the strongest drink I can make for them. In theory, the strongest cocktail out there would have to be the Rusty Nail;

Enticing yes...

Enticing yes...

1.5 Oz. Scotch

0.5 Oz. Drambuie

Stir well

Because both ingredients contain 40% Alcohol By Volume, and there is no mix added, this cocktail has an overall strength of 40%ABV. In order to figure out the strength of a cocktail, you take the ABV%, add them up, and divide by the number of spirits or liqueurs you have. If you take a 40% vodka, and add 3 liqueurs at 20%, you will get 100/4=25%ABV. If you add any mix into the equation, it obviously will decrease the overall percentage of the cocktail.

So if you’re in the mood and you want to get your money’s worth, try an old classic The Rusty Nail.


If I had a dollar for every time someone used that line at the bar, I would have retired years ago. Every guy that watched Casino Royale insists on using the famous line the next time they go to the bar.

Bond, James Bond

Bond, James Bond

First of all, martinis are not supposed to be shaken because air is added during agitation, causing the martini to get cloudy. It also breaks up the ice and little ice shards will pass through for you to choke on. Proper martinis are to be stirred gently to ensure the cocktail will be crystal clear.

The Vesper Martini is named after Vesper Lynd, a double agent and also Bond’s love interest in the movie. Bond invents the martini which consists of:

-3 parts Gin

-1part Vodka

-1/2 oz. Kina Lillet

-Shaken hard

-Garnished with a lemon twist

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