Flair Bartender Profile – Justin Keane

Justin Keane

Fancy some flair?

Justin Keane

Age: 29

Nationality: U.S.A

Employer: Carnaval Court at Harrah’s Las Vegas

Years Flairing: 6

I asked Justin A few questions and found out some interesting facts.

Why did you get into flair?

A. I got into flair because when i was barbacking in Hawaii i worked with a bartender who flaired a little bit and was totally intrigued by it. Then after a trip out here ( Las Vegas) for the bar and nightclub convention in 2000 i was all about it. i saw my first legends and told myself that i would be on that stage one day.

Other than yourself, who is your favorite flair bartender?

A. This question is a hard one because it changes all the time… if i had to pick though, it would have to pick two. As for competitions it would have to be Tom Dyer, he goes for it everytime and always has something very original and new to watch! When it comes to working flair, Adam Kotarski from Carnaval Court… this guy can ring high while flairing everything and not repeat a move for hours. All while remembering his regulars and taking multiple orders.

What is your favorite flair bar?

A. This one is a no brainer… Carnaval Court baby!!! Big flair, big money and big time fun even though i work there i still have a great time as a guest! The energy that comes off that bar sometimes is even better than some of the biggest comps I’ve been in. some day want to go to Maloney’s though… i hear its an awesome working flair bar.

What is your greatest flair achievement?

A. My greatest achievement would have to be getting hired at Carnaval… it’s something I wanted for years but never though I could get. Luckily one day John Arishita called me and asked me if i’d like to come in for an audition. I said yes of course;) To work next to some of the greatest bartenders in the world is truly an honor and am thankful for it everyday!

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