Don’t Forget the “Sex Face”

The Aviation -- A mouth watering classic cocktail!

The Aviation -- A mouth watering classic cocktail!

I’ve been told that the face a bartender makes when he/she is shaking a drink is the same face they make when they are having sex.  You might want to practice making these three cool cocktails in front of a mirror…

Caffé Shakerata
This is a simple version of Caffé Shakerata – an Italian speciality – that you can make at home or behind the bar. The recipe lends itself to endless variations: try replacing the simple syrup with vanilla or mint syrup or your favorite cordial, such as Sambuca, Frangelico or Godiva.

60ml freshly brewed espresso

60ml simple syrup
Fill a rocks glass with crushed ice, and fill a cocktail shaker with uncrushed ice.

Add espresso and syrup and shake vigorously until the outside of tin is beaded 
with sweat. 
Strain into prepared glass and serve.
Aviation Cocktail
The last great cocktail to be invented pre-prohibition.  In recent years, this once-obscure mix of gin, lemon juice and maraschino liqeur has become a favorite of true cocktail fiends everywhere.

20ml fresh lemon juice

50ml top shelf gin (Hendrick’s or Bombay Sapphire work well)

1.5 tsp maraschino liquer
1 tsp crème de violette (if available)*
Shake all ingredients over ice and strain into chilled cocktail glass. Garnish with edible flower.
*Crème de Violette will add depth and complexity, do use it if you can find it.  This cocktail will be pretty darn good without it, though!
Autumn Buck
Bucks are based on gin and ginger beer with lots of fruit added.  This version uses mangoes, but you can use whatever fruit or berry you have at hand.

1 small ripe mango

2 dash Angostura Orange bitters

1 wedge lemon

50ml top shelf gin (see above)

ginger beer to serve
Peel the mango and cut flesh into ½ inch cubes, discarding the hard pit. 
Half fill 
a highball glass with ice.
Spoon a generous amount of mango into glass, then top 
with ice. 
Add two dashes of bitters. Squeeze lemon over glass and drop in. 
Add gin and top with ginger beer. Stir gently and serve.
This month’s recipes were inspired by Nick Mautone and David Wondrich, who both have amazing cocktail books currently on the market.

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