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Are you interested in teambuilding workshops for your company or department? It's true that when a particular department or overall company works better together as a group, more work gets done and they are usually more effective overall. The purpose of teambuilding workshops is to break the ice with coworkers and to teach them how to work together as a group while still maintaining their own individual personalities and strengths. In some cases, teambuilding workshops are somewhat extreme such as those that include surviving in the wilderness. For others, they're fun and enjoyable such as chili cook-offs and simple competitions such as these. Others may include charitable giving or charitable works. But are teambuilding workshops constructive and do they really help a group of coworkers to work better together? Or are they somewhat ineffective and do they amount to nothing more than a fun or even awkward day out for everyone? To answer that question, you need to consider the elements of good teambuilding workshops and realize that makes them work so well, versus those that have few if any results.

  • Effective Teamwork

One thing to remember about effective teambuilding workshops is that they must include activities that require teamwork. Having a workshop or retreat where everyone partners up and then does their own thing won't really build a sense of teamwork. If, for example, you have some type of race or scavenger hunt, how does this build a sense of teamwork and camaraderie? The most effective teambuilding workshops will be those that require everyone to work as a team, and may include a few different teams but should mean more than just a simple partnership. The reason that this is so effective is that teams need to learn how to operate while taking into account a wide range of personalities, strengths and weaknesses. Effective teambuilding workshops are those that do just that, so that everyone learns how to manage these very same circumstances when back at the office. You won't get a wide range of personalities in a partnership, so choose teambuilding workshops that mean larger groups working together.

  • Make it Fun

It's easy to think that those extreme teambuilding workshops are the most effective; after all, if your team can survive in the wilderness they can survive in the corporate world, right? But in truth this may make everything so unpleasant that it's distracting. Some might even panic in extreme conditions. So instead, think of fun and enjoyable teambuilding workshops as this will encourage everyone to want to work together and accomplish their goals. Some interesting suggestions for fun and enjoyable and still effective teambuilding workshops may include those chili or other cook-offs, bartending schools and retreats, cabana or tree house building, or working for different charities. These charities may include building homes for the homeless, restoring public land, and other teambuilding workshops that help everyone to feel good about themselves as well as to build that sense of teamwork you're seeking.